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the power of LJ
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

In the midst of making my way to southern Oregon...  Lots of snow and wind and ice all along I-80... and they're calling for something like 15 inches along parts of it over the next 24 hours.  Weeeeee!  In other news, I got the okay from my boss... so Minneapolis on the 15th is a definite.  I'm looking forward to spending time with and meeting my hostess for the weekend atthestarz as well as meeting hockeyfag.  Now I need to get around to trying to score those Prairie Home Companion tix.

You may recall that, due to my friending of janietrain on ElJay I was reconnected with an old friend... one Miss fujerica.  Now it seems that a friend of fujerica is the fiance of drummerville who is the younger brother of an old friend of mine, with whom I used to work and, even was briefly in a band. I haven't seen drummerville in God knows how long and I know it's been at least 4 years since I've seen his brother.  It's a small, small LJ-world.

Incidentally, some day I plan to torture you guys with mp3's of a really horrible recording we made one afternoon while rehearsing, but that's another story.  I might add it is horrible in both its fidelity as well as the quote-talent-unquote of the band.

I should probably get back to driving, but I'm not looking forward to that first mountain between Cheyenne and Laramie.

Arrrgggh, is no longer in existence? That was the coolest thing on the web ever. *grumble*

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Hang around long enough and you'll eventually find out that you're related to Kevin Bacon.

hahah no shit.. I'm waiting for my ticket to royalty :-)

I actually have some French nobility in my background. I think, living in the south, that such things could put me on some sort of hit list if I admit it.

hehe yeah... "Dem French People piss me of...."
or something like that

bitch better have me in his will

woot. I may have hockey sat night as well :) I'll keep the weekend open :)

hrm... would you still be able to go see Prairie Home Companion (provided i can get tickets) or would the hockey game force you to bow out of that?

hockey isn't for sure yet. Also, isn't prairie home companion Sunday? I'll be ready for it by then :)

(Deleted comment)
ahhh hahahaa.... good one

he doesn't have to call me hotness.. host is good enough :)

i think we're veering for the gutter here now.... ;-)

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(Deleted comment)
I don't know how many brothers that Nathan has but, the one that you were friends with, was his name Josh?

Yeah, Josh would be my brother. But I dont always claim that.

yes it's Josh... lemme guess, you know him too :)

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