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freepin' e-mail
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Evansville, IN

I've always been quite fond of Outlook Express. Primarily because I can check my Hotmail account with it along with my three POP3 accounts in one fell swoop. You can have your web-based mail and G-mail, there's no subsititue for maintaining a mail archive on your own machine. Besides, I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with having all of my old e-mail stored "online". I like filtering the incoming mail into different local folders: all of my Beastie Boys related e-mail goes to one folder, all of my Livejournal e-mail goes into another. I have every piece of e-mail of any consequence dating back to 1998.

However, tonight for the first time, Outlook Express let me down. I've been having some issues for some time with my computer crashing. It'll hang and I'll hafta reboot it. I'm not quite sure what the problem is but it's been like this ever since I switched to Win2k. I've pretty much abandoned all hope and am moving on to XP next. I'm thinking maybe Win2k is a tad too picky for my equipemnt, most of which is pre-2k.

Anyway, the sucker crashes just after downloading my e-mail to the client. I reboot and the mail is no longer on my hard drive nor on the mail server. What kinda idiot programs a mail client that deletes it from the server BEFORE writing to the local disk?

Bah. One nice thing about G-mail is that it's forcing Yahoo and Hotmail to upgrade their services. Yahoo has already upped their storage space to 100 megs I'm told. I just received an e-mail from Hotmail the other week that said they are going to be increasing their storage to 250 megs. God bless capitalism.

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this is all probably an indicator that something in your system is hosed or didn't get installed correctly in the first place, since Outlook is like totally integrated with Windows a la IE. and that is why Outlook and IE are evil.

i do know for a fact that Eudora crashes on me every now in a blue moon, but i've never lost a piece of mail in the process. it seems to write to disk immediately before blowing up.

you might also check out the Mozilla mail client, Thunderbird. i know several people using it that really like it. the only reason i haven't switched is that i don't want to try to import six years of Eudora mail... although it would probably be really easy with a little Googling, and i'm dead sure Thunderbird can import Outlook crap like *snap* that. i use Mozilla Firefox as my only web browser now... it whoops a polar bear's ass.

Well like I said, the main reason I champion Outlook express is because, since Microsoft bought Hotmail, I can access it using Outlook Express and, I have no intention of giving up my hotmail.com, it's my "permanent" and "public" email address... all my spam goes there, plus anything generic related to the worldwide web like newsletters, statements, and what-not.

try repairing / reinstalling Windows? an XP upgrade would probably have much the same effect. if your system's not up to 2k caliber, though... XP will kill you.

also, it seems there have been a couple of Outlook-specific patches and such in the last year. might give those a shot.

I've done all the Microsoft recommended updates and patches... so it's not that... I dunno... it's strange, it seems to occur most frequently when I'm online... the crashing... and it's no one specific program... IE will do it... Outlook will do it... third party apps will do it too, like Newsbin and Netscape... the only internet related programs I've had no trouble out of is Bulletproof and mIRC...

I figure I got nothing to lose by trying an XP install... and if that don't work, I'll just go back to trusty ol' Win98 until I get around to doing my computer upgrade :)

hmm. sounds like an ethernet driver problem to me. that or your ethernet hardware is failing. under the circumstances, probably the former... although i've also experienced the latter.

Welp, I have the latest drivers and, the ethernet hardware in question, a Linksys USB WiFi adapter is the newest of all my hardware. Although I s'pose it could be the USB controller. Maybe I oughta find a cheapo USB PCI card and see if that helps.

and what're you doing up so late in front of a computer on a friday night? packing?

sorry? didn't hear you, i was passed out :)

i imagine i'll soon be spending LOTS of friday nights in front of the computer. f'n yay.

Hey, just wanted to say your journal is cool. I've been thinking about driving OTR for a couple months, and when my friend told me about LJ last week yours seemed to be the most interesting on here about truck driving...... so I pretty much read every entry you made in about 36 hours... I'm hooked :) I live in between Jasper and Evansville, Indiana so it sounds like you are in this area a lot. Keep up the good writing and picture taking (once you get a camera).

Re: Yeah, I'm hooked

I just got a new camera yesterday, so more picture taking will be on the way.

Yeah I'm in that part of Indiana quite a bit... the account I work on has plants in Ferdinand, Huntingburg, and Jasper... so I'm in and out of there all the time.

Driving OTR can be rewarding and interesting, but it's certainly not for everyone. The biggest adjustment is being away from home so much - you just have to be prepared for that. I've always been the sort of person who is very solitary and enjoys lots of time to myself, so it works for me, but obviously it wouldn't for everyone.

I'm 25, no kids, not married but in a long term relationship...so the time away from home will be tough but manageable I think. I've always liked to travel, and I enjoy driving....well I enjoy driving my truck, but that's just a 4-wheeler.

I found out last week that a local college is having an 8 week CDL training class. It was going to cost about $3500, but the local workforce development office called and said that if I was thinking about doing it they had extra grant money from the state and they would cover the entire cost of the class. Since I could never turn down anything for free, I start the class next Monday :)

I had been looking into Schneider because they have a local account with Wal-Mart and I'd be home weekly, but the pay sucked.... only 26cpm to start. Sounds like you got a heck of a deal from Werner, did you start out at 33cpm and guaranteed $700/week with no experience? If so, I think I want to work for Werner! :)

Re: Yeah, I'm hooked

Basic, 48 states account with Werner is worse... starts at .24/mile... but when i went through my training period with Werner, my trainer worked on this cabinet account that's based in Indiana... the account starts at .33/mile with a $700/week guarantee... when i got out of training i simply asked and was put on the account.... it was that easy and I presume it's still just as easy... since you live in Indiana, I would think you'd be a shoo-in, but who knows...

Anywhere you go as a new driver with zilch experience is gonna be fairly low paying, but if you want a shot at this account, Werner might be the way to go. There are some downsides to this dedicated account, the primary one being that you will touch the freight. You're required to "tailgate" the cabinets at each stop for the customer... but if you don't mind the physical labor, the perks are great, good pay, home every weekend... you can hardly beat it.

If you think you're interested in it, we could work out a little quid pro quo... if you apply with Werner, get with me and I'll give you my name and so forth... that way you'll have a recommendation and I'll get a little jack thrown my way in "referral bonus"... when you make it out the other side of training, I'll mention you to my account manager so that he'll know your name when you're applying to get on the account....

While I obviously can't make any guarantees, I don't see any reason why you couldn't be on this account. I've been doing this now for two years, for a new driver, there's not much out there that I know of that beats this. It can give you some decent income and regular home time while you transition into the lifestyle. AFter a year or two with one company and the experience gained, the trucking industry pretty much becomes your oyster, you can start parlying that into other employment inquiries if Werner doesn't suit you. This industry is frought with high turnover rates... someone with a couple of years experience and demonstrated loyalty to a company (it's so bad that one year with one company is considered GOOD) that you'll pretty much have your pick of companies to work for, the trick is just getting into the business and staying in it for a while.

Quite frankly, outside of being an owner operator, I think what I'm getting ready to do is just about the best gig in trucking for a company driver. I'm getting ready to beomce a trainer for Werner. Basically, all the miles I drive and all the miles the student drives I will paid for. One guy was telling me (and he may have been exaggerating just a teensy bit) that he was making over $90,000/year as a trainer for Werner on this same cabinet account that I'm on.

I plan to start doing that myself in another month or so, I don't anticipate making 90 grand a year, but I figure I can at least up my salary by about 2/3's....

Quid pro quo.... I forgot to mention how glad I was to find from reading your journal entries that there is at least one truck driver out there with a good vocabulary. I'm a little jittery about this CDL class I'm taking.... it's going to be a small class (8 people max. I was told) and I just have a strange feeling that I'll be the nerd of the class and I'll get beat up everyday just like in elementary school :) Well hopefully it won't be that bad, but I graduated from IU (yeah yeah, you're a UK fan... I know) in 2002 with degrees in finance and accounting and I just kinda wonder how many of my other classmates will not think I'm nuts for doing this.

Being gone all week won't be a problem, but it would really be nice to have most weekends off. Having to help unload the cabinets would be a small price to pay in order to get home on the weekends. I'm 25, 5'11", 145 lbs so I'm not the biggest guy, but I'm not too out of shape either. If I'm driving all day, a little exercise would be good for me. Plus, the pay makes it even more worthwhile.

As far as helping you get a referral bonus, well hell yeah I will. A) Until reading your journal and about the account you're on, I wasn't interested in Werner so you deserve credit for that and B) Might as well help you get the bonus 'cause they sure as hell aren't gonna give me any of it :) hehe Don't need to help make the rich richer. I had decided a long time ago, no matter what company I decided on I would find somebody to talk to about that company so at least somebody will get the referral bonus..... otherwise it goes down the toilet.

I think this is the best job option I've found so far in trucking, so as long as I survive this class and get my CDL I should be good to go hopefully. Driving record is clean, no felonies or DUI's so I should be hireable. Schneider has already made me a conditional job offer (if I wanted to go to their CDL school), and I've heard they're picky about who they'll hire so as long as I pass and get my CDL I should be alright for Werner I hope.

I think it would be awesome to be making pickups so close to home on a regular basis. I already know the area really well and I might even get to stop by home on my way to a pickup if time allows maybe. Who knows, if you're a trainer by the time I have my CDL maybe I'll get you as a trainer :)

Anyhow, thanks for the info Lin. My name is Michael, btw. Keep in touch, I'll update you on how good/bad I am at driving one of these things.

Sometime when you're in the area and have some free time, I'll treat you to a Flying J buffet at I-64 and Hwy 41 near Evansville or something. Until then, keep it between the lines :)

Sounds ilke you're built about like me.... I'm 5'10" - 150 lbs. Kinda scrawny... if I can do it, surely you can.

Quite frankly, I think having the post secondary education is a plus with getting hired, in fact, I think that's why Werner pretty much guaranteed my job before I ever started class. While there is a bit of a stereotype associated with the trucking industry, it is like any other, companies want the best and the brightest and simply showing you have a work ethic to complete a bachelor's degree program at a university, not to mention the intelligence, is a major "plus" where the big trucking companies are concerned. If you're seriosuly interested in Werner, I'd go ahead and get an application in to them, they regularly "pre hire" people on the condition that they recevie their CDL. I know it was quite a peace of mind knowing for a fact I had a job waiting for me before I even started class.

Heh, I'll be in Huntingburg late tonight. I'll sleep (near) there and head back out for Illinois in the morning, then turn around and come back to Huntingburg to pick up another load and go home. ;-)

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