It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

Location: London, OH

Got in here last night around 2am and hit the hay, then woke up early for some reason so I've been catching up on my journal reading. Nothing much new to report. I have replaced my digital camera so you can look forward to me annoying you with pictures again.

I went to the doctor Monday and got my lifting restrictions removed. My foot's not quite back at 100%, but I think I can work through any pain I my encounte. I am definitely going to puruse training, but probably not at least for another month. I have a lot of things on my plate that I want to clear away before I commit to that. One of them being that it looks like kinkerbelle is going to accompany me to NYC for the U.S. Open. Now I just need to be a good little geek and hammer down dates and details.

I really need to finish working on the lyrics for the little website but I just haven't had the motivation or the time. Maybe I can out some more into it this week.

Should I be home this weekend, I have every intention of going to see Jesus Christ Superstar on Saturday night. So removed from the life of the arts, it came to my attention via thawaltzingfool that this was the non-Shakespeare production of Lexington's annual Shakespeare Festival. The film soundtrack for that musical has long been a favorite of mine. I have been known to sing it - all the parts - with complete, utter disregard for my inability to carry a tune. Mercifully, I do this in the confines of an automobile while driving with no one around. You should hear me hit the really passionate parts of "Gethsemane", er, maybe you shouldn't.

I have to run down to Carroll, OH and pick up my load than pull it over to Illinois then head for Huntingburg, IN. All told, I have 520 miles of driving to try and knock out today. I put in a good 600 yesterday. And listened to a lot of... The Clash, for some reason... and Nine Pound Hammer... a strange mix to be sure, but for some reason it just seemed right. Maybe today it's JC Superstar, eh?

What you see is what you get
No one's been disappointed yet
Don't be sacred give me a try
There is nothing you can't buy
I got things you won't believe
Name your pleasure, I will sell
I can fix your wildest needs
I got heaven, I got hell

-"The Temple"

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