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i ain't askin' for mu-uch... lawd take me downtown
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Nashville, TN

I finally got out of that southwest Indiana/central Illinois hell with a cool long trip down to Auburn, Alabama. Gotta deliver there tomorrow then pick up my backhaul in Talladega. Been drivin' like a madman the past two days. Feels good... first time I've really run like this since I got back from the injury. Just got caught up reading your journals and I gotta give some props and recognition since I have nothing else worthwhile to write about.

jeananne is a new friend and a fellow trucker... it's nice to read the "road" entires cos, i can relate....

hockeyfag a former trucker who hands down has the best user icons on LJ...

huskerdude1 and lacyunderall between the two of you, my friend's page is never dull... i was thinking the other day that you two should probably check out each other's journal... i think you'd appreicate each other's writing style... and a special shout-out to you Ms. Underall... you single handedly added the phrase "splodey pants" to my vocabulary....

spleazeball i hope you're not gone from the realm of LJ for too long, hon... whatever will i do without regular infusions of your poems and letters to various body parts and functions?

moonpuppy i hope to hell that when school starts back you'll be around more.... and, did you ever expect amongst_yselves to become so wildly successful?

janietrain you and i need to do lunch one weekend, girl....

saraheback work sucks, huh?

justamy i'm still waiting on that cell number... look forward to seeing you in NYC....

delicarose you could never be trite....

k8burke yeah, but... how much to take a shot at dem eggs the ol' fashioned way? *ducks*


cheeseburger You're just three sick holes that run like sores, you're a fucking waste....

lossfound so, how're you going? and when're you going?

lucidaj you ain't popped yet?

And I know I didn't include everyone... as I got to writing this I thought... Oh god, now I gotta mention everybody... but screw it... that'll take too long and I'll be up all night... you know I wub you.

Oh yeah... and I've said it once and I'll say it again... mandy_moon = best LJ ever. I heart you.

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woot. :)

So when ya comin up this way? :)

You're the one with the fuckin' plane! Come see me, bitch.

Actually... I'm thinking about trying to get my ass up there sometime... I now have two LJ friends in the Minneapolis area (atthestarz being the other) that I'd like to meet....

I got to lookin' through your icons after I posted my entry and noticed that two of my favorites of yours are gone... the one of the kid on the windshield of the plane and the instructional diagram for "ROFL"... if you're not gonna use them, lemme steal 'em for a while ;-)

me and english...we got a thang goin' on.

thanks for the props. when are you blowing through our town again?

that you do... one of the reasons i enjoy reading your journal :)

dunno... i don't get through KC very often... although i'm hoping that in the not-so-distant future that will change... as it stands, i only come through there a few times a year at best... i'll keep ya in mind next time i'm through... (pssst: i'm a sucker for casinos)...

You're such a comment whore! =)

Shoot me off an email when you're in town and we'll definitely get our grub on!

who me? naaaaahhhh, whatever gave you THAT impression?

thanks for asking! it is not going awfully but not going well either. truck must be loaded by friday 12pm. after that i'm here in town for a few more days and then hitting the road with cats, guitars, computer and brand new airbed in tow.

i'm sorry i couldn't make louisville over the weekend! i'll be driving in the middle of next week.

so how did you decide you were going to get there?

incidentally, i'm pretty much driving that I-65 route on this little excursion to Auburn... Nashville looks good - no construction or anything... i'll report back on Birmingham... i'm expecting construction, they had a major project going on last time i was down there and i doubt they are finished... :)

Thank you, I feel very trite lately, and not bored even a bit, but maybe very boring.

and mandy_moon, definately best lj ever.

...and sometimes long-winded, but then who am I to call the kettle black? I hope you get better soon.

I am gettin' there. 8 days. And I miss moonpuppy too. She'd better be around more when school starts back.

8 days til your due date? or are they planning on inducing/c-sectioning you in 8 days if you haven't gone yet?

C Section if I haven't gone yet. August 6th. (Hoping for that full moon old wive's tale to be true and kick my ass into gear on the 31st.)

Just want to say "I Love LiveJournal" and I'll be checking out your friends when I can. Take care out there, maybe we'll cross paths sometime.

heh, yeah i've been kinda keeping an eye on where you are with respect to where i am.... after sitting in the south for two days you're now headed north and i'm headed south ;-) if it ever happens, it's gonna most likely happen somehwere in the near midwest, like ohio or indiana, since that seems to be where i am most of the time :)

Thanks, meng. I do what I can. You know, for the war effort and all.

If only we had more boys like you.

ya know, i went to cook some eggs on the stove the other morning and ended up throwing them out. all i can think about are EGGS!

Work does suck. Big huge hairy ones.

But I am getting it lined out. Only a few more weeks till school. Yay rah.

Which also means I didn't get to go out on the road with ya this summer. :(

Maybe later this year.

You are more than welcome anytime you get the itch and have the time.

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