It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

i ain't askin' for mu-uch... lawd take me downtown

Location: Nashville, TN

I finally got out of that southwest Indiana/central Illinois hell with a cool long trip down to Auburn, Alabama. Gotta deliver there tomorrow then pick up my backhaul in Talladega. Been drivin' like a madman the past two days. Feels good... first time I've really run like this since I got back from the injury. Just got caught up reading your journals and I gotta give some props and recognition since I have nothing else worthwhile to write about.

jeananne is a new friend and a fellow trucker... it's nice to read the "road" entires cos, i can relate....

hockeyfag a former trucker who hands down has the best user icons on LJ...

huskerdude1 and lacyunderall between the two of you, my friend's page is never dull... i was thinking the other day that you two should probably check out each other's journal... i think you'd appreicate each other's writing style... and a special shout-out to you Ms. Underall... you single handedly added the phrase "splodey pants" to my vocabulary....

spleazeball i hope you're not gone from the realm of LJ for too long, hon... whatever will i do without regular infusions of your poems and letters to various body parts and functions?

moonpuppy i hope to hell that when school starts back you'll be around more.... and, did you ever expect amongst_yselves to become so wildly successful?

janietrain you and i need to do lunch one weekend, girl....

saraheback work sucks, huh?

justamy i'm still waiting on that cell number... look forward to seeing you in NYC....

delicarose you could never be trite....

k8burke yeah, but... how much to take a shot at dem eggs the ol' fashioned way? *ducks*


cheeseburger You're just three sick holes that run like sores, you're a fucking waste....

lossfound so, how're you going? and when're you going?

lucidaj you ain't popped yet?

And I know I didn't include everyone... as I got to writing this I thought... Oh god, now I gotta mention everybody... but screw it... that'll take too long and I'll be up all night... you know I wub you.

Oh yeah... and I've said it once and I'll say it again... mandy_moon = best LJ ever. I heart you.
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