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things like this just brighten my day
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

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I like some of the subtle humor that some companies use on their trailers :)

yeah me too.... that's one of the funnier ones i've seen in a while

now that you have a camera again, take some pics of your cabin for me

i'll try, but ti's hard to take any pictures that do any justice... it's not big enough to get a really good picture... i'm too close to everything... what i may do if i get some good light is take a short AVI video and do a little panorama ;-)

Da ha. That cracks me up.

i added you. because, well, i really wanted a trucker on my list.

i hope you don't hate me now.

ok, but sexual favors are not only appreciated, they're expected, just so you know.

i think thats a missouri plate

I need to keep my camera handy; maybe I'll catch something cool!

I always keep my camera in the little cubby hole right above me head. ;-)

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