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i love this town
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: 42nd Street, Manhattan

There are no stars in the sky in New York
All the stars are on the ground

-Lou Reed

I had intended to come to NYC next weekend, 'cos my pal justamy was going to visiting the area over the next week and a half, but my dispatcher saddled me with this load that didn't have to be in Massachusetts until Tuesday morning, so I decided to high-tail it here for this weekend. I got into North Jersey at my usual parking place about 7pm this evening. I have done some ma-ha-jor driving the past 5 days - all told about 2800 miles. Today, I managed to cover 637 miles in 11 hours, which is pretty awesome considering my truck is goverened at 65mph. I stopped precisely once, for 30 minutes for fuel, so my actual driving time was 10.5 hours. God bless gravity in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

The bus I usually catch makes its stop in Totowa, NJ at 22 minutes past the hour. I arrived at 5 minutes 'til 7 and got everything together to get over to the bus stop. In preparation for my excursion into the city this weekend, I've been obsessing for the past two days over making sure all my batteries for the digital camera are adequately charged, so I obsessed over this while getting my things together. So much so that as I was waiting on the bus, I realized I had 8 freshly charged AAA batteries - but no camera. I'd left the fucker in the truck. The bus was supposed to be here any minute and I had no time to go back to the truck.

I caught up with justamy at Penn Station as she made it into midtown from LaGuardia and got to chat and walk around with her for a bit before her accomodations arrived to cart her off to New Brunswick. Sometime tomorrow or Monday we're going to hit the big city together. Lookin' forward to it. Other than that I haven't done much. I strolled around 8th Avenue a bit then decided I'd do some LJ-catchup. I've got about 40 minutes 'til the last bus leaves out of here for Jersey, so I'm gonna mosey and grab somethin' to munch on on the bus ride.

I know this was a boring entry, but think of all the pictures and stories I'm gonna have next week.

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You should get the Fountains of Wayne song "Bright Future in Sales". There's this whole line about sleeping on a planter at the port authority and waiting for his bus to come.

I love it.

Oh, yeah, and you should find a way to get me a picture of the Fountains of Wayne sign.

Unless this rain lets up, I won't be getting many pictures of anything. :(

All these 3 years on the road and I have yet to have a good opportunity to go into NYC, so I'm jealous...except for the rain.

Actually about 5 yrs ago a friend of mine and I took a last minute trip up there and with no money and only one and a half days to spare we at least hit the WTC and Rockefellar Center and took pics (all in storage). The photos on the top of the WTC are of course fraught with sadness now but I'm so glad I visited before 9/11.

i wish i coulda seen the towers, but my first trip to NYC was a year after the attacks....

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