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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: 42nd St, Manhattan

I have had a horrible day thus far. When I got up at 9am this morning, it was raining, but I dragged myself out of bed nonetheless determined to get into the city and find something to do. I figured if nothing else, I could go check out a museum or some such. Careful not to forget my camera this time, I loaded up everything and made my way to the bus stop under a bit of newspaper to try and remain just a little dry. Upon reaching the bus stop, I reached in my pocket for my cigarettes and, lo and behold... no cigarettes. See, cigarettes in New York cost 5 billion dollars a pack, so this pained me, but not as much as walking back through the pouring rain.

I got into the city and hit the ol' internet cafe for some morning LJ reading before embarking through the city. I spent about three hours goofing off and had a nice phone conversation with my adopted grandmother (grandmother of my friend Robin). I then get a phone call from my company informing me that they had received a complaint about where my truck was parked and that if I didn't move it, it would be towed at my expense.

Let's forget about the fact that there has never been a problem with me parking there before, but why is this just being brought to my attention after I have been parked there for seveteen hours?

So then I had to catch a bus back out to Totowa, which wasn't for another hour. I moved the truck and caught another bus back into the city. Now it's 4:30 in the afternoon, I've already spent 20 bucks on transportation and haven't done a damn thing.

On the brighter side of things though, the sun is out and it's a beautiful day. And I was able to grab that pack of smokes out of the truck. I'm headed for the Village to rummage around in record stores and maybe get some dinner in Chinatown.

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you parked in an industrial area? Or a truck stop? I usually tried to find a truck stop, or I'd park on the tollway in NJ.. I later found out about a yard about 2 blocks from a PATH station, so I started parking there.

There's a regular customer in Totowa that I deliver to and I ususally park there, but I parked in the parking lot across from the street from them, there's simply more room. It's never been a problem in the past, but I guess for some reason it is a problem and they just had never hassled me before. So I just went back and pulled the truck across the street. I know it'll be fine there, but I may have to move it again in the morning (Monday), which is what I was trying to escape in the first place.

I have parked at the Service Plaza on the turnpike in Secaucus before, but getting a bus there was a bit more of an ordeal than this place in Totowa, so I've never done that again.

Awww, man. I just walked n the door from the city.

I was in the Times Square/Broadway area all day long.

aww that's right! you went back east for a visit... we may hav epassed each other on the street and din't even know it ;-)

Back in NY eh? Gotta hate it about the whole truck parking thing. When we are in the area we park at the T/A out on I80 or I84 or the Petro down in Bordentown. Because these locations are not exactly close to the city it never seemed feasible to go into the city. I've always wanted to take a hometime in Carlisle, PA (where are yard is) and then go up to NYC for a week and really DO IT, if you know what I mean. Maybe when my sis gets off the truck I'll finally live that dream.

the beautiful thing about new york is that with all the mass trnaist, it makes it so easy to go explore and do things... of course, the only real problem is knowing you have good place to park... that'd be quite a train ride from carlisle/harrisburg...

if you took your hometime in, say, north jersey... you could park at the service plaza in secaucus on the south bound side of the turnpike (the west branch)... i did that once... you jump the fence behind the service plaza and walk a block over... there's a NJ Transit bus line that runs right down that street ;-)

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