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Gracious. Other than the little snippet of Superchunk lyrics, I haven't made an update in a while. Haven't done any reading either, cos I was stuck in Michigan all week which doesn't have much in the way of WiFi hotspots I could access.

So, here's the big news in my life. I'm gonna go see the Beastie Boys in September... in San Diego.

As you may or may not recall, I made mention of a young lady named Cara whose acquaintanace I had the pleasure of making in conjunction with the little website - problem was she lived in San Diego.

She called me last week to announce that the Beastie Boys would be playing in San Diego on September 11 (of all dates) and, that if I could find a way there, she'd buy my ticket.

Well, hell yeah. I'm so there. I got with my dispatcher to see if there was anyway I could work to SoCal. In all my time on this account, I have never had occasion to go down there. He informs me that it is indeed possible, however, the entire process will take nearly a month, because I'll spend a week actually working on the west coast in addition to the three week travel time round trip.

So, this will kill my U.S. Open plans on Labor Day weekend. Oh well, they have that every year... I can always go another time. I was also planning on meeting Cara in NYC as she's visiting a friend in NYC that same weekend. I guess she'll just hafta settle for having me in her hair all weekend when she gets back.

So I will be heading for Oregon from southern Indiana sometime around the 25th of August. The next week I will load out of Oregon with some cabinets to be delivered in San Diego. Woohoo. I'll spend the weekend with Miss Cara, see the Beastie Boys... it'll be a blast. I know there's some of you that live in/around the I-5 corridor through Cali... if you wanna do some coffee or dinner or something gimme a holla... I won't know if I will actually have the TIME to on my way through until that week approaches... but we can always hope.

The plan also, is for me to stop in Omahah, NE on my return trip and do the necessary shiznit for me to begin training rookies for my company. After all the time I was laid up with the broken leg, I'm kinda looking forward to it... just me and the wide open west for a month. I think it'll do my soul good.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a week's worth of your journals to catch up on... by my estimation, that's somewhere around 270 journal entries to read. If you get some comments to old entries from me today, it's not LiveJournal's fault this time - it's mine.

Edited to add: For the record, I just spent the last eight hours reading your journals. EIGHT HOURS!!!! I hope you're happy. Now I got me some Netflix movies to watch, ain't weekends grand?

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