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here's my story, sad but true
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Haubstadt, Indiana

Well, I knocked out the first part of my week in rather quick fashion... so quick in fact that I have the next 24 hours+ to kill before my trip to the west coast begins.  Needless to say, tundraguy1979 if you wanna hang out, it's not like I'm going anywhere.

So what am I going to do with all this free time?  For one I'm going to try and finish up the work on the little website that I started over two months ago.  I also have a few ideas for Livejournal entries I'd like to do that I never seem to have the time for.

I miss my girl.  I took her to stay with my pal Robin while I get through the entire process of training I have coming up.  This morning, Robin called me at 5:30 AM when she got in from her thrid shift job...  Fubu was hiding underneath the dresser and she thought it might do her good to hear my voice.  She stuck the phone underneath the dresser and I talked to her.  Robin said that seemed to make her feel better.  It's been strange the past two days; I keep expecting her to pop out from underneath the covers or to be waiting in my seat when I've been out of the truck for a while.  Instead, it's just kinda empty in here.  I miss my road buddy.

The Flying J WiFi connection here doth sucketh. If it doesn't get much better tomorrow I may shell out the few bucks to try Pilot's across the street if it seems any faster.  I wanna do some downloading while I'm stuck here, too. 

Since this was so boring, go read this and smile.

Why does it always storm like a mother fucker when I'm in Haubstadt?

Edit to add: August 24th, 2004 is the day I officially became "old". I officially became old because I read the following words in beastieboys: "Heya. I'm a new member... Been a fan ever since I found my mom's Beastie Boys records... " *grooooans*

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haha you're so darn ancient, ;-)

How's this, I work with at least 5 people that are too young to remember "Where's the Beef?". They also don't know who the Church Lady is. *I* feel old, an I'm only 28.

could it be SAYYYY-tan?!!?

i always feel old when i say "pretty sneaky sis!" and then realize that not everyone remembers the Connect Four commercials from the early 80's....

exactly! I guess I should be used to it, my sister was born in 1982... but it still kinda weirds me out.

But then again, I pull a time warp on a lot of folks, especially when I say that I don't rememebr, say, "The Sonny and Cher" show.

And then again, it works in the opposite way, too. I'm 28. My sister knows a LOT more about some aspects of popular culture today that I do. I haven't watched SNL in about 8 months. I don't really watch TV. I don't even know what movies are on in the theatre... and I certainly couldn't tell you who's playing on top 40 radio.

The Church Lady rocks! But I just barely, barely remember "Where's the Beef?" And the "pretty sneaky sis!" seems more like a bad dream that I vaguely remember, than something I actually watched on television. I myself have been having episodes of saying "back when I was a kid" just like I always made fun of my father for saying..... therefore, at age 25 I feel like an old fart. I also have to watch what I eat for the first time in my life, the metabolism isn't what it used to be.

I wasn't online last night, or else I would have called you and came down to chat at Flying J. Right now, I'm headed to school for another day of road driving, what an experience :) After class tonight though, I have no plans. If you're still going to be around Haubstadt I'd be more than happy to come down there and grab some food and kill some time shootin' the bull. I'll be in class in Vincennes and can just shoot down 41 to Haubstadt if you're still there at about 5pm or so. Problem is, I won't be able to check my email and I don't have your phone # with me. I'll email you my cell. phone number, and if you're still there give me a call sometime today. If I don't answer, just leave me a voicemail with your # and I'll call you back once I get a break from class.

I just remembered, Outlook does not work very well with the internet service I'm using so I can't send you my phone like that. I'm about to be late for class though, so I'm just going to post it on here. (812) 582-0377 is my cell, call me if you'll still be around after 5pm tonight.

Wow. Fubu is adorable. Those are some incredibly cute pictures.

Thank you... and trust me, she knows just has adorable she is and uses it to maximum effectiveness.

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