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(no subject)
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
I made my very very first LJ community ever.

It's called roadstories and my hope is that at least a couple of times a week an interesting entry about road life or an interesting, out-of-the-way place visited will end up there, either from myself or someone else.  I've invited two other road warriors to contribute to the community and hope more will follow.  Currently, there is my current entry about Chesterville as well as a few older ones of mine which I'm rather fond of.  I slowly intend to re-post all of my more interesting ones there over the coming weeks, just to keep some new material floating in it for anyone who happens upon it.

What I'm hoping you will do is the following:

1) If this sort of thing appeals to you, watch/join the community.  Sure you'll be subjected to my cross-posts, but isn't that a small price to pay?

2) If you think a community like this would appeal to some folks on your friend's list, let 'em know about it.

Go then, do my bidding. I'm getting some lunch.

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Hmn... do you want others to post in it too? I don't go cross country like you, but about 4-5 times a year I do road trips to festivals in small towns throughout the midwest and Southeast.

My intention is that it's comprised of observations/stories by people who live on the road... maybe it's a nit-picky distinction, but i'm trying to make a distinction between a road trip and "life on the road"... everyone makes trips, but living on the road, whether out of a suitcase, in an RV or truck is somewhat different, in my mind anyway...

but I'm open to a really good road story from anyone... currently (if I have things set properly) the only people with posting access are hand-picked but anyone can comment.... of course, I'm sure I've fucked something up and that's not the case... but if you write something and think "man, i'd like to post that to roadstories" shoot it my way :)...

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