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can it get any worse?
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

So far, this is turning into the trip from hell. I don't recall having as bad of a week in a long, long time. Let's recap shall we?.

I finished in Eugene, Oregon last Wednesday morning at 9am. My next load wasn't due to be ready until Friday afternoon here in Grants Pass until 4pm on Friday to be delivered in San Luis Obispo, California on Tuesday (today) due to Labor Day. So, I decided to drive over to the coast to a town called Coos Bay, home of the Mill Casino. I figured I'd game a little, eat some good seafood, and maybe frolic on the beach a little.

For the record, the Mill Casino is a great casino. Since it's off the beaten path, the staff go out of their way to be personable and friendly. Over the course of two evenings I enjoyed two very nice meals in their upscale restaurant completely comped on the house. Unfortunately, I had a run of bad luck on my third day there (Friday) and incurred some considerable losses after two days of maintaing a break-even status to wildly being up 700-800 bucks.

I would learn that this would be only the beginning of my bad luck.

I left Coos Bay and went over to Grants Pass that afternoon to get my load. Upon my arrival I was informed that the load wouldn't be ready until Monday. Flabbergasted, all I could think to say was "Well, at least you're working Monday". To which my informant replid, "Oh, that's right, it won't be ready until Tuesday."

Great, that means a total of six days just sitting, not to mention, I had intended to take psycat90 up on her offer to get some food and/or drink en route to San Luis Obispo... now royalll shot.

So, I drop my empty trailer and head south about 30 miles to Medford, where there is a gaggle of truckstops. The Petro there is fueling stop, I figured I could squeeze 50 gallons into my tanks and get a shower and make use of the WiFi.

And what WiFi it was. I was getting transfer rates of 1.5Mbps, which is comparable to most cable providers. I was having a blast, until it all came to an end rather apruptly on Saturday afternoon. I had even decided to download an updated BIOS for my PC and flashed it and had it running stable - no more crashing!

It all came to an end rather aprubtly Sunday afternoon when, after a serious of power inverter overloads I lost my video. At this point I'm not sure if it's the card or the monitor (frankly I'm hoping for the former), but at any rate, I'm without a computer until I get back east, quite possibly until I purchase a laptop depending on what all exactly is wrong with the PC.

Shattered, I got some dinner, washed some clothes, got a shower and went to bed. When I got up the next morning and decided to hook up the Playstation. I ahdn't bothered hooking it back up since the truck swamp out in Omaha the previous week. I rarely use it anyway, but now I figured I would be using it quite a bit until I got back home. In the process, I discover that the memory card is gone. I mean gone. I searched the entire truck. I guess it got left behind in the truck swap.

When it rains.....

So, I fired up an old Spyro game I hadn't played in a few years and went at it all day on it without saving, then left her running all night.

I got back to Grants Pass this morning. The load won't be ready until at least 5pm tonight. I went down to Wal-Mart and get a memory card for the Playstation and saved my game. I couldn't believe that something didn't happen that I lost power and lost the game. The way things have been going, I was just sure this would be the way that ended up.

So now I'm typing away furiously at the public library in Grants Pass. They have 1 hour internet terminals here with considerable wait lines for their usage. I guess I won't bother trying to read any of your journals, it's not like I'd be able to keep up anyway. Hopefully things will get better. Beastie Boys in San Diego in four days... probably the next opportunity I'll have at internet access as well. Then I'll be heading back up the coast for a backhaul and on my way to Omaha for my training. The way things have gone, I'm looking forward to getting back east. Overall, this trip has been a nightmare thus far.

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You're not the only one with bad luck!

Wow, your situation seems a bit worse than ours. We've been stuck all weekend in Cheyenne, WY due to an electrical problem and still have another night to go before our part arrives at the dealership. Being stuck was bad enough, but today we went all around Cheyenne, WY seeing all of the historic stuff and guess what I forgot back at my truck, the camera. I was going to take tons of pics and make one of those neat truckin' entries like you did in the new roadstories group. I could kick myself sometimes. Anyway, at least we'll be getting breakdown pay and they pay for the hotel so it all could be worse.

Hey there. I've been thinking about truck driving school more and more, I don't have a job currently so I've been giving truck driving serious thought and I have some questions for you if you don't mind.

I'm looking at J.B. Hunt, C.R. England, Falcon Truck School. Area 1

My question is....how do I choose a good truck driving school? Do I need to choose a school that is related to the company that I want to work for? Does it matter? How much should i reasonably pay out of pocket to a school to instruct me to obtain a CDL?

There is a school here in Vallejo called Falcon, and then there is one called Area One in Santa Clara. Then there is a CR England School in Riverside CA. Ideally I'd like a school near San Francisco, where I live, but I suppose I am willing to "go off" to school if necessary.

How long does it typically take to complete these courses and would you recommend taking one close to home or does it even matter? Since some of training will be OTR right?

Anyway, I have lotsa lotsa questions as you can see, if you don't mind emailing me trickywoo2@Yahoo.com or calling my cell (408) 230-9923 when you aren't super busy I have tons more so I can get an idea of what might be feasible. You're the only person I know to ask these questions, since you are doing essentially what I think I'd like to be doing.

Thanks Wendy-Sue

Hey... sorry it took so long to reply, I haven't had regular computer access and this is like the first time i've checked my e-mail in about a month... i have grabbed you phone number, though, and sometime this week i'll give ya a call when i have some time to chat... i won't claim to have all the answers, but i can probably answer quite a few of them :)... talk to you later...

hurry up and get a new computer.. i miss ya buddy.. if it's a videocard you're in need of, i think i may have an extra one kicking around someplace, just let me know. hope to see you back in action soon. ciao.


awww, i got video cards... that's why i was witing til i got home... i didn't feel like springing for a new one when i've got 3 sitting at the house... i'm back home now though, and grabbing the parts as i head out the door for pennsylvania... maybe i'll have the ol' PC up and running by the end of the day ;-)

Wow.. he is alive! Missed ya hon!!

yes i am alive, i've just been extremely busy and without regular computer access for nearly two months now :/

at the moment, Lexington, KY... but i've been all over...

if more precisely you mean where have i been with regard to LJ, i'm having some issues with my computer that are still unresolved... i hope to resolve them this week however and be active once again with my journal :)

because commenting late is better than never

Don't let this ever happen again or I would be sad.

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