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...as I live and breathe.
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

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the entire world turned black and white and there was a sudden clap and thunder and a flash of lightning as i read that

Where the F have you been? We've all been missing you. :)

it's nice to be missed... i've been thru columbus like a zillion times the past three weeks but it's always the middle of the night or the middle of the day.... one of these days.....

hey g, good to see you back online. i've really missed your entries.

dude, i got a Dell ;)... laptops #1

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welp, now that i've got a computer in my truck again, i'm sure we're destined to spend an evening IM'ing way past our bedtimes sometime soon :)

i just KNEW you'd found another after all these years :)

staying up past my bedtime to chat with
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staying up past my bedtime to chat with <ljuser="atthestarz"> doesn't hold a candle to the studies in chronic sleep deprivation spent chating with you ;-)

YAY! I was just askin' about ya!

guess what i found this weekend? a certain Madras hat ;)

It survived the years, eh? awesome.. :-)

it's a bit tattered, faded, and certainly has seen better days... but it's still intact :)

are you gonna bronze it?

no, no.. cast it in lucite.

As everyone else has pretty much already said.. I was starting to wonder about 'ya.

absence makes the heart grow fonder :) how's that young 'un?

Heh. The baby is doing good. Both are a bit sick but, doing good. And the 3 year old is starting to show appreciation for Mudhoney when I listen to it. That's my boy. :)

hmmm, does this mean that sweet young thing ain't sweet no more?

holy shit, you're alive. :)

alive and well... i look forward to getting my weekly chuckles from your journal again :)

Well, look what dragged itself out of the wood work...

more like, suckered Dell into giving me a line of credit :)

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