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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Hartford, CT

For those of you who sent your little "wow he's alive messages", thanks. I really felt the love. For those of you who didn't, as I said... motherfuckers. ;-)

I don't have a lot of time at the moment to give all the details of the past two months, but I just wanted to write little more than gratuitous pottymouth-ery. It's good to be back in th realm of the living, er, living journal, er, live journaling. As a teaser, here's a quick summary of the past two months and what I may or may not write about once I devote some time to it.

Beastie Boys rock
abandoned silver mines are way cool
I have $$$$$$$$$$, holy shit!
1001 things I love about my 4 day old laptop
what i love about each and every one of you (a.k.a. shameless comment whoring)

Be good, or be good at it. I might have some time this afternoon to write something of more substance, if I'm not sleeping :).

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i just want to know if you hooked up with that chick from the beastie boys concert. :)

le sigh... i wouldn't have complained :), but alas, no i didn't... but i made a good friend i guess....

is it being qa mother fucker to have been out of town when you decided to make your triumphant return?


gla to see you...i was starting to wonder! when i made a meyers briggs post and got nothing fro you, i knew you really WERE absent from lj land!

i'll hafta dig back through your entries and find it now won't i?

Oops. I must have missed your 'coming back' entry! Welcome back to LJ land. Nice to have you back.

good to be back... how you doin' kiddo?

Glad to see you back around.

I'd thought about you a couple of times and where you'd disappeared to.

Welcome back! ;-)

the lack of a computer was frustrating... having one again is a joyful occasion no doubt.... i thought about you, too and your invitation when i was in the sacramento area a few weeks ago, but i was there at like midnight and had to turn around and go back to oregon... one of these days i'll get over there and visit with you ;-)

i missed you, you've been on my mind, i'm glad you're back!

The road king has returned. I miss living vicarously through your tales of middle america.

i never get tired of that user icon

glad to be back... how goes it with the interest in the culinary arts?

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