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training days

Locations: Erie, PA

So I have a computer out here on the road again, which makes it nice for reliving bordeom and keeping touch with folks, especially you may LJ lovelies, but time is now becoming an issue because I have begun training new drivers for my company.  When new truck drivers come out of their respective truck dirinvg schools, my company sneds them through a training period with an experienced driver so they can learn the ropes and get additional practice and help with their skills "in the real world".  This is what I'm doing. 

Paul is my first student and I couldn't have asked for a better first one.  I could tell from day one that he had a pretty god grasp of the skills, he just needed some fine tuning.  He's been on board now for a little over four weeks and should be done in about two more, before he gets his own truck. 

What this means for me is that I'm spending more time rolling rather than sitting.  After the first couple of weeks that a new student is one board, dispatch begins giving you more miles - the sort of miles that requires two people to complete and get the job done.  The average driver drives about 2000-2500 miles per week.  The second week Paul was on the truck, we covered about 5000 miles.

And of course, I get paid for all the miles driven, my compensation for being a trainer.

I went kinda nuts this past weekend spending my first really big paycheck.  I was so in need of new clothing that I think I may have single-handedly caused inflation in Lexington.  My apologies to the locals, but now I've got some spiffy new duds, some seriously awesome shoes, and hole-free underwear.

And of course there is the laptop....  I'm having a love affair with a piece of electronics.  This morning while waiting to get loaded I played GTA: Vice City for about 3 hours - while sitting in the passenger seat.  For those of you with laptops already, I'm sure you find this amusing, but it's cool as hell.  I sat in a Dunkin Donuts last night and balanced my checkbook!

Anyway, after some showers and a small break Paul and I are getting back on the road - we left Massachusetts this morning and have to be in Manawa, Wisconsin by noon tomrrow and it's my turn to drive. It seems like I always end up with the Ohio leg of our trips.


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