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can you dig it?
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
I breate in the myth.
I'm over the city, fucking the future.
I'm high and inside your kiss.

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yeah, i knew when i decided on that lyric that you'd chime in... i recall you told me that's your favorite SY song i think? i expecected lossfound to get it too... what's sad is that no one surprised me :(

well, the "Can You Dig It" bit is about my favourite part, heh.

I don't find it sad that you know your friends. I don't liek to be totally predictable, but tis life.

i gotta catholic block, do you like to fuck?
i gotta catholic block... guess i'm out of luck.

favorite SY album?

i revisited Daydream Nation and Goo last night while driving... i think that's the first time i'd ever listened to Daydream with headphones, i had never heard all that tambourine before... Goo is probably my alround favorite with Daydream and Dirty following.... the next time i'm behind the wheel with time to kill i'll probably re-listen to Sister and Dirty

Daydream and Sister are my all-time favorite ones. I like Goo a lot too, come to think of it.

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