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Rocky Horror Picture Show was fun, but I've been to better.  The annual event at the Kentucky Theatre is nice, but it's a lot more fun in a theatre where it's a regular event.  I used to go see Rocky at The Vogue Theatre in Louisville - they used to show it every other Saturday night.  The Vogue doesn't even exist any more (sigh).  Half the crowd at the show the other night were virgins, which is good for them I suppose, but it didn't make for the best crowd interaction.

We left Lexington at 6am and were in Boston by 3am.  We unloaded by around 9 and headed over to Westfield where we were to load at 6pm.  Without that time to kill, we decided to hit the TA on I-84 just south of the CT-MA border.  I got to do some downloading and read exactly one journal.  If you know my favorite journal, you know which one I'm talking about.  I read two months worth of entries.  As for the rest of you, I'm sure I'll get around to being semi-involved again as I get back into the swing of things, but I know it'll never be like it used to be.  The extra money to be had from being a trainer comes from the truck moving more, one of us driving, the other sleeping - so there are few times when we're actually stopped with any "quality time" for the internet.  Paul is signing the bills for the load as I type this, and we're on our way to Indianapolis, where we have to be by 2pm tomorrow. 

You know it used to blow my mind how much I drove every day - waking up  in one state, going to bed in another.  Now it's twice is mind blowing.  We're covering somewhere between 4000 and 5000 miles per week.  Of course, this will change as new guys come on board.  Paul only has about another week with me and he's off to his own truck and I'll get another newbie.  The first week or two will slow while he gets the hang of it and I get comfortable with his driving when I'm not around to offer guidance.  Not having the computer when Paul started prevented me from giving all the details of what the whole process is like, and that's why I've deliberately been sketchy about it since I'm back in the livejournal game.  With my next student, I intend to share the process as it unfolds.

Remember how I machine washed my digital camera over the summer and replaced it with one exactly like it?  Well, I must've just been lucky 'cos this one blows.  I took all kindsa cool pictures while my computer was out of commission and they all came out blurry.  I guess one investment I will make in the near future is a decent digital camera.  I want to get photos of all my trainees.  I guess I'll fidget with this piece o' shit camera and see if I can't get a decent one of Paul before he gets off the truck. 

Anyone have any recommendations for a decent mid-range digital camera with an optical zoom?  By mid-range I'm thinking under $500, preferably under $400.  Maybe I'll buy it as a Christmas present for myself.

I'm thinking about undertaking a little music project for the LJ faithful.  It will be my New Year's resolution.  Some time ago I posted in this very journal a list of my favorite 100 albums.  I was kinda lazy about it and didn't really "order" it or do much thinking about it.  It has bothered me for some time.  My intention is to think about it between now and the first of the year and get it properly ordered.  Over the course of the new year, beginning with 100, I will give my own personal take on the record - a review of sorts if you will and, for those of you on the music filter, some highlights from the record.  My goal is to do two albums per week from the list.  For those of you who have a similar obsession, I encourage and challenge you to do the same.  C'mon, it'll be fun!

Folks, tomorrow is election day and in case you haven't noticed, this is arguably the most important election of my lifetime at the very least.  It feels like 1992 all over again, only worse.  How apt it was that I was listening to Sonic Youth's Dirty last night.

The president sucks
He's a war pig fuck
His shit is out of luck

Of course they were talking about our current president's father, but funny how the sentiment is pretty much the same.  Much like the election of 1992, this could easily become the defining moment of a generation, when the young people of this country can change its course.  It's gonna be interesting to see if the OMFG!!!!111!! Generation can pull it off.  In a conversation with deviantbreed we decided this should be the official name of the new generation.  I encourage you to use it. 

And here's to hoping we have a new president in January.
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