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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: HOME!

I have a nice full weekend to enjoy at home after a rather dull week.  Paul should be finished with his training next week and I'll be welcoming a new trainee on board.  WE head this week for Colorado which means I will be coming through


on Monday.  So attention to justamy and lacyunderall, gimme a holla if either of you have any time for socializing on Monday.  The way I have it planned, I'll likely be in town all day while Paul is sleeping off a shift of all night driving.  I know you have, like, jobs and stuff.... but maybe in the late afternoon/early evening?  Otherwise I'll probably just sit in the truck at the Flying J there in town and surf the internet all day.

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i'm in! i get off at 5. cool!

cool! i guess either give me a call (859)621-3478.... or leave me a number i can call you... e-mail it if yer squirmy about leaving it in public.... we'll work something out.... i'm not sure what time in the evening i'll hafta take off just yet, probably by 7-8pm.... but i'll have a better idea by monday...

something to think about.... it'll most likely involve you getting me from somewhere, unless you know a great place to park a tractor-trailer ;-)... the options i know of involve a truckstop on the east end of town on the loop just north of i-70 or on the west end of town in a drop yard my company utilizes on the the kansas side of the city, also off i-70... whichever is closest...

i'll buy ya dinner for yer trouble ;-)

i can always come get you, too....i don't know what you and donna have worked out. i just got your messages...way late. i think i might have tried to answer a phone call of yours as i was heading out the door....i answerd and ther was nothing so i just left. sorry if that was you!

anyway, i won't get off til 6:30 or seven, but i am in, with truman care being involved in some way. i emailed you about it. at hotmail.

oy! i just saw that you have to leave at 7!!! can you make it 8 and i'll try to get off at 6:30? if thats the case we'll have to nix dinner at my house. but i can meet you guys somewhere and if you try to make it close to westport (where i work...donna will know where it is) i can spend more time with you because i'll be able to just pop right over as soon as i get out of work.

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