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Location: Kansas City, MO

I've been taking care of loose odds and ends today with phone calls and emails.  Even though I've just been sitting in the this truckstop all day, I've been rather productive in getting some of the menial aspects of my life tidied up.  I've even managed to stay caught up on my journal reading for a week now - we'll see how that holds.

Paul should be off the truck by tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning at the latest, at which time I shall receive another trainee and the process will start again.  I don't look forward to the next week or two.  As you can imagine, it can be rather nerve racking to sit idle in the passenger seat while someone with virtually no epxerience grinds the gears, bumps the trailer onto street curbs, and lurches about on the accelerator and brake pedal.  You don't feel comfortable enough to take your attention away from the other driver for one second.  Of course, eventually, that fades....  but it's those first few days that I dread.  It's so mind numbingly dull.

Tonight I'm meeting up with justamy for dinner and possibly laceyunderall as well if her prior commitments permit.  Unfortunately, I have to bug out of town at the way too early hour of 8pm if Paul and I are going to make it to Colorado Springs by 7am.

In other LiveJournal f-list news, the scribe of my first journal crush has resumed writing after a lengthy sabbatical.  It figures that the month or so that I was absent would be when the writing resumed.  I had quite a bit of backreading to tackle.  Welcome back newest_fad - you wield the written word well.

I'm debating whether or not to renew my livejournal paid account status.  My annual purchase lapsed sometime in September and I'm debating whether or not to renew it, either in part or completely.  I never do polls and the novelty of running more detailed searches for new friends waned after my f-list became so large that it was hard enough keeping up.  The only other advantage I see is the ability to have additional icons, but is that really necessary?  And it's not really about the money, for it is certainly very reasonably priced, but I guess my wondering is, regardless of the price, is it something that is so totally frivolous so that the price matters not at all?  Don't take this as some sort of reverse psychology plea for someone to buy it for me, as I said, money is not the issue -  just musing aloud.

I... so very very badly...  need to get laid.  The bane of my current path in life... *Sigh*.  I'll be glad when this current wave of horniness has passed.  It comes and goes in my extended abstinence.  About every three months or so and then it fades.  It waxes and wanes so to speak.  It's strange... for the first time since I was 16 I've been in a prolonged state of romantic uninvolvement...  It's not so much that I need sex or anything, it's just, after becoming accustomed to it on a regular-to-semiregular basis, it is quite an adjustment when it is missing.  All truth be told, I spent the entirety of my adult life married or "serious" with another person, and only in the past 2-3 years have I known what it is like to be single.

Leave it to me to do everything ass-backwards.


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