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(no subject)
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Lincoln, NE

Monday night I had dinner with justamy in Kansas City.  Unfortunately, laceyunderall could not attend.  Amy and I were able to catch up and eat some yummy Mogolian food for a couple of hours before I had to strike out for Colorado Springs.  I had a great time and got my belly filled, although the time I had to spend with her was much more abbreivated than I would have liked.

I dropped Paul off in Denver yestereday to be "processed".  It was so late in the day, he just went to a motel for the evening on the company's dime and his "process" starts tomorrow.  If all goes well, he should be in his own truck by the end of the week.  I told him he better call me somtime in the very near future and let me know how things are going. 

While in Denver I was also assigned a new trainee.  His name?  Roger...  Roger Rose.  Like Paul he's an older guy, probably in his late 40's or early 50's.  Roger is short with a full head of long gray hair and a mustache which he keeps trimmed really short.  He has those dark blue, crude tattoos on his hands and forearms - prison tattoos.  I don't know if he actually got them in prison, but that's what I call 'em. The homemade variety made with ink and a straight pin. One of them is a small rose....  Roger Rose. 

He seems to be a nice enough of a guy, but, also like Paul, I don't have much in common with him.  We'll get along ok, but it's not like we'd ever hang out or anything.  One thing that's nice, though - he's already got about 76 hours of training started so some of the little things like lane control and shifting have already been worked through.  After watching him drive for about thirty minutes I felt comfortable enough to go in the sleeper and get some rest.  We picked up a load of beer from Budweiser in Ft. Collins, CO last night and had to have it in Lincoln, NE by 7am.  This meant, basically that it would take both of us to do it and, if I wasn't comfortable enough to sleep while he drove, I would've been up all night.  I'm thankfuil for small miracles.

Last night, we stopped in Cheyenne for fuel and to scale our load.  There were ladies running around the parking lot approaching drivers.  Of course, my first thought was "lot lizards".  One of the girls approached our truck while we were switching seats and he was getting ready to drive for the first time.  Roger opened the driver door and the gal hopped up on the side-step.  She was young and cute with a small ring dangling from a septum piercing in her nose.  It was obvious she was not a lizard... lizards aren't that cute... or young.

"Want some free cologne?  What kind of cologne do you wear?" she asked.

Roger and I politely declined her offer of free colognes sensing the catch in it somewhere...  young ladies don't run around truck stops at 9 o'clock at night to give away free cologne to stinky truck drivers out of the kindness of their hearts.  There probably is a need for an outreach program to hygenically challenged commercial drivers, but I'm not aware of any such activism in our nation's truck stops as of yet.

"Aww c'mon.  It's for a good cause," she persisted.  Again we both declined.  She smiled and bounded down off the truck and back into the windy, Wyoming night. 

Roger turned to me and said, "She reminded me of my daughter". 

I almost blurted out "Oh? So your daughter's hawt?"

I bought a digital camera online the other day.

A very nice Fujfilm that even has the capability of recording video with sound.  Sweet!  I'm hoping it will be delivered Friday so I can get it this weekend.  Hence, you can expect to be inundated with a varitable cornucopia of digital pictorials and videographies forthwith.

In a conversation about filtering and friends-only posts with fujerica the other day, it occured to me that I censor myself sometimes because I'm afraid of going into some details that readers of my journal may not appreciate having on their f-list.  In particular, the somewhat lewd topic of pornogrpahy and masturbation which I occasionally think to myself "Man, that'd be a funny thing to write about" but never do.  At least, I'd think it was funny to someone who is familiar with these aspects of life.  So, to combat this, I am creating a new "pr0n" filter which you can elect to become a member of.  Drop me a comment (or privately) if you wish to be included on this filter... but don't say I didn't warn you.

Edited to add: atthestarz informs me that it is spelled veritable.

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yeah dude, put me on the pr0n filter.

you're such a perv.....

... no wonder i like you ;-)

ew. like i am going to raise my hand and say "yeah, i wanna hear about lin's masturbatory habits!"
you should totally make the elections yourself and let people ask to be taken off. otherwise its just creepy!

nah... i wanna know who the pervs are before hand... it's more liberating that way... no sense in shocking someone who hasn't signed up for it ;-)

explain lot lizards. are they skanks lookin for action?
also. you can put me on the pr0n filter, just dont post any actual pr0n unless its behind a cut. work and all.

lot lizards are truckstop prostitutes... they usually perform their "hook" by CB or by going from truck to truck knocking on doors....

umm..*raising hand* Hello, my name is Jessica, and I'm a perv.
Add me to your dang list. I might add something *you* just didn't want to know, hehehe

done... what're you up to this weekend... ima be around Friday evening and all day Saturday... you free?

I might be around Friday evening - I'm set to do some stuff with Drac, but who knows? And Saturday DAY I work but Saturday evening it's just me and the kids. You still gonna be around Saturday after 5?

yep.. all day saturday... i don't leave back outta town til sunday night.... i'll call ya sometime when my timetable is a bit more solid, maybe we can get together for a bit on saturday evening...

Hey there.. Long time... I've been busy shifting my life from one place to another.. Another change is my sis is off the truck finally and I'm a trainer again.. First student has a good head on her shoulders and I can totally trust her driving.. so lucky... Maybe I'll finally get around to writing some trucking stories eh? Now that my life has leveled out and is back to semi-normal.. In the meantime, happy drivin'!!!!

count me in maaaaaaaaaan. hehe

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