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I'ma order me up a big mess o' bacon!
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Latta, SC

I have some more cool pictures and a really cool story to tell with them, but I don't have the time at the moment.  While Roger is driving this evening, maybe I'll get it composed so I can just post the entry the next time online.  Speaking of Roger, here he is, in all his glory.  You can see the rose tatto on his hand in this one.

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Oh, you should totally start a "World's Largest" collection- seeing as you travel so much.

(Though probably somebody has done this already...)

I mean, all the non-metropolis areas of the US always seem to have a World's Largest _______ somewhere in the state.

And you can hold that distinction as long as you are the first one to think of taking some particular object and making it huge.

How nifty.

And not just all the world's largest... there are so many things out here in Americana that would be interesting to document... but alas, I don't always have the time nor do I always get the chance to return where I see something cool...

For instnace in Wisconsin there is a Mustard museum... everything you ever wanted to know about mustard... the sign even says you will learn so much about mustard you will get a degree in mustard from Poupon U.

...I've yet to get back to that part of Wisconsin... much less, have the time if I was there...

There is this roadside attraction place near Mt. Rushmore I wanna check out sometime too where balls will roll uphill

I did explore an abandoned silver mine a couple of months ago though... too bad all the pictures i took turned out blurry

"And this fuzzy thing is a ladder leading up into this blurry thing, a mine shaft..."

I was so looking forward to doing that little photojournal and I was robbed.... but I have every intention of going back and getting it right.

I love how there's a No Trespassing sign in front of the world's largest frying pan.

I know I wouldn't wanna be too close to that thing if they were frying bacon.

I guess the citizens of Rose Hill are worried about delinquent youth sneaking in at night and making Steak Diane.

he looks like a trucker. all the way :)

BTw, have you looked at some of the LJ clients? they let you compose, the upload later when you have a signal.

yeah... i actually use Semagic... that's actually why I initially started using a client so that I could compose them on the road and upload them later... then I internet access became more and more frequent and I got in the habit of writing them and posting them immediately... i guess with the more sporadic nature of my access now that i'm training, i will revert back to that process... :)




right there is why i could never be a vegetarian.

amen sister.

i don't think i would last long without a nice rare cut of beef every now and then either...

wooooo doggies! i want ma eggs, sunny-side up!

mmmm, over easy for me, with biscuits to sop up the yolk with...

new journal?

yuppers (i have my reasons)

i am so hungry right now, eggs sound so good!

It may be a big frying pan, but has anyone ever tried to fry anything on it? If not...it just seems silly. :^P

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