It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

broke down...

Location: Louisville, KY

On the way back from the Carolinas yesterday the truck began misbehaving as crossed Kentucky heading for Indiana.  I stopped at a truckstop on the eastern outskirts of Louisville to heed the warning of the "Check Engine" light.  Dutifully I checked the oil and raditor as well as the steering fluid.  Sometimes, even if they are just the least bit low they can set off a sensor.  The oil was a tad low so I topped it off thinking this was probably all that was wrong and grabbed a cup of coffee from inside.  Incidentally, Pilot Truckstops have a new line of coffee that is incredible.  The Arabica Dark Roast is absolutely scrumptious, especially with a bit of sugar and French Vanilla cream.

I climed back into the truck and... she wouldn't start.  She would turn over but she wouldn't fire.  I would spend the next 9 hours dealing with phone calls and what-not until I would get the truck towed into town and Roger and myself into a motel.  We got in here yesterday afternoon about 3pm.  The shop told us the truck wouldn't be ready until tomorrow at the earliest, so I called my brother who lives in Taylorsville to see what he was up to.  Long story short: I spent the night at my brother's apartment last night visiting with my nephew and watching movies.

I got back here this morning to the motel and called the shop only to find that, if it got done today, it wouldn't be ready until 7 or 8 o'clock tonight.  I secured the room for an additional day and here I have sat catching up on livejournal and goofing off in general online via the motel's wireless services.

One nice thing about where the motel is, there's an Indi's chicken place next door.  For those of you not familiar with their cuisine, it's kind of like...  soul feed with a touch of Asian influences.  You can get spicy fried chicken with a side of egg rolls and mixed greens.  There's one of these in Lexington and I simply don't get to eat there enough.  I had a yummy lunch of fried chicken with smoked-baked beans and a helping of rice.

Poor Roger... between the home time this past weekend and now the truck break down.... we haven't done a whole heck of a lot of driving.  Next week are the holidays which will provide even more days off and motel room sitting for him.  Hopefully we'll get rolling tonight or first thing in the morning and maybe work through the weekend and get some miles down.  I know he's bound to be tired of sitting in strange cities in motel rooms.  Frankly Iwouldn't mind being home again this weekend, but on the other hand, after all this sitting, I could use the miles too.  A sitting truck driver doesn't bring home a paycheck.

I would like to get home because I have found out the Asylum Street Spankers are playing at the Dame this weekend and I think that'd be pretty fun.  It might finally allow me an opportunity meet-up with fujerica who I have resumed a friendship with via the internet after a 15 year hiatus, however, we've yet to find time in our schedules to catch-up face to face.

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