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Welp, after sitting in Louisville for two days and the shop not being able to find anything wrong with the truck, the breakdown department had us drive it to Indianapolis to the terminal so they could look at it there.  We got into Indy last night about 10pm, dropped off the truck at the terminal and headed for the motel.  By this morning, they had determined the problem and had it repaired in addition to two other items I had added to the work order.

I mentioned recently my intention to give my top 100 albums a little more thought and my New Year's Resolution of writing about them in a rate of two per week throughout the coming year.  This afternoon I took some time and plowed through the list, ordering and tinkering it with a little more care than I had previosuly done.  This is in no way going to be an objective list - it is one that will be perversely subjective.  My criteria when ordering them was to take each album and compare it to others in the list.  For any two albums, I merely considered which, if I only had a choice between the two, I would more likely pull, say, out of a hundred times.  I gave a little more weight to records that at any given time in my life I literally listenend to exclusively for weeks on end until every note and nuance was (and often is still) forever stamped in my memory.  It was rather surprising to me as I began this process that certain albums I hold in much higher esteem than I had previosuly realized.  There were a few that I cut and a few were added, but for the most part it is the same list, only with more order.  Now that I have it ordered, I may start on it early and get a jump on the new year.  I fear as I get into the list it will become more and more of a chore and there will be weeks when I don't feel like fooling with it, but right now I'm excited by the maybe if I have the head start, it won't be so bad to take a break from it every now and then through the year.  So be looking for that soon, maybe even as early as next week...

So now we're headed for Colorado with a leisurely timetable to get there (Monday morning).  My intention is to spend the day in Kansas City all day Saturday and maybe rectify the sparse time I had to spend with justamy last week and maybe get to actually meet laceyunderall this time.  Of course, I've yet to  determine either of their schedules at the this juncture, but I hope to remedy that  within the next couple of hours.  Roger is going to do some of his busywork he needs to catch up on and I'm eating fried chicken and have an internet connection... life is good here in Effingham.

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