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Location: Taylorsville, KY

I'm running as fast as I can, I'm running as fast as I rock!

Running running running.  After a slow week of truck breakdowns last week we finally got rolling toward Colorado on Saturday morning.  Making another stop in Kansas City, I got to spend more time with justamy than I had previously, which was nice.  Sunday night Roger and I made it over to Colorado then ran right back... getting me back home in the wee hours of this morning. All told, about 2000 miles in three days.  I decided to come to Taylorsville and see my brother and leech his cable internet connection for the day while he's working.

Woohoo... 3.5 Mbs...  let's just say, my hard drive filling as I type this.  I intend to spend the daypulling bytes of goodies from the land of netnews while I catch up on my journal reading.    As for all of you who have requested icons... I hope to get a bit of them done this afternoon... if I don't, please be patient. :)

Tomorrow will be a fun-filled day of food and family and for the rest of my four-day weekend, who knows we'll see.
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