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i've seen your picture....
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

It occured to me that, like this photo, there are lots of pictures I've taken over the past year that I never worked into a Live Journal entry either because it just didn't fit with the story or feeling I wanted to convey, or it was just a picture of nothing, or, worse still, I never found the time to write about it at all.  So here are a hodge podge of pictures that I like for one reason or another that I wanted to share.

A couple of random traffic photos taken in the evening when the light was soft....

I wish I had had my new camera when I took this one In San Diego a couple of months ago.

When I was off-work with my broken leg my mom called me into the bathroom so I could witness this.....  I miss my girl!

The infamous Packard Bell monitor! All hail... and damnit show some respect.

Triples on the Indiana turnpike.

When I visited NYC with janietrain last spring we were riding the subway and this girl was practicing acting lines during her commute.  I clandestinely took some photos of her, most of which came out like crap, but this one is awesome.....

....so awesome that janietrain snapped one of me attempting to re-create the moment.  I call this one "Pensive"... or possibly "Constipated"

Unfortunately I can't claim credit for this photo....  draysha68 took this photo while waiting for the ferry on Liberty Island in NYC.

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The light on the subway sucks ass for picture taking. Of course, I'm just a suck-ass photographer. =)

well, it was a shitty camera, too :)

Yeah, but it made a cool blurry Times Square icon for me! By the way, your monitor doesn't look as cool in the pictures without the bungee cords holding it down.

scenery is awesome, but... the packard bell monitor rulez.

heh, i've had that thing since, like 1995... when i carried the PC in the truck, i used it since i figured if i damaged it with all the bouncing and jarring it'd be no big deal....

the computer died but the monitor still works ;-) that monitor has been hooked to at least a half dozen pc's over the past decade and it always outlast the computer...

yeah, they sure don't make 'em like they used to. hell, the $700 sony i bought in 1997 died in five years.

I really like the way that pictures in the subway car always come out. Like you enter a secret magical Christmas land or something.

Yeah, the lighting so weird... I think it has something to do with the overall shininess of everything... the glass, the molded plastic seats, the linoleum tile...

...or maybe it's just magic.

By the way, I refrained from commenting in your entry about the roomates, it looked like you already had a ton to sift through ;-)... I hope you find some resolution and peace in that situation, wherever that may lead you.

Hey, thanks.

I never do that- beg for people to read something and comment, but that situation was a little more overwhelming than the usual crap. Ack.

I'm one of those (foolish?) people who eventually remember that most things have a way of working out somehow.

wow, that first picure is amazing! I really enjoy your road shots.

heh, i took about 30 pictures trying to get one that looked good... of the 30, only 4 were decent, and that one was the best of the bunch... :)

Hello. I realize that you may be the only one who reads my posting, but I have to comment on some of the pictures. I am stormodacentury's wife. He told me about your journal and writing about being on the road. I thought I would see what you thought about it and about the training.

Anyways... I love the pictures that you have posted throughout your journal. In particular, I love the first one taken with the reflection in the truck window and the one with your cat. We have a black cat that likes to drink out of the faucet and sit in boxes. He looks just as adorable.

Well, I hope that it's ok that I'm reading your journal. Thank you for the interesting stories!


i'm always happy to have more people reading my journal... for i am one ever-loving attention whore....

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