It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

i've seen your picture....

It occured to me that, like this photo, there are lots of pictures I've taken over the past year that I never worked into a Live Journal entry either because it just didn't fit with the story or feeling I wanted to convey, or it was just a picture of nothing, or, worse still, I never found the time to write about it at all.  So here are a hodge podge of pictures that I like for one reason or another that I wanted to share.

A couple of random traffic photos taken in the evening when the light was soft....

I wish I had had my new camera when I took this one In San Diego a couple of months ago.

When I was off-work with my broken leg my mom called me into the bathroom so I could witness this.....  I miss my girl!

The infamous Packard Bell monitor! All hail... and damnit show some respect.

Triples on the Indiana turnpike.

When I visited NYC with janietrain last spring we were riding the subway and this girl was practicing acting lines during her commute.  I clandestinely took some photos of her, most of which came out like crap, but this one is awesome..... awesome that janietrain snapped one of me attempting to re-create the moment.  I call this one "Pensive"... or possibly "Constipated"

Unfortunately I can't claim credit for this photo....  draysha68 took this photo while waiting for the ferry on Liberty Island in NYC.


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