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I seldom remember my dreams.  My dreams are Indian-givers - a gift of imagination that comes only at night and is taken back with the morning light.  I've tried before to keep dream journals but I was never very disciplined.  Urging oneself to write down dreams at 3 o'clock in the morning is a hard thing to do.  Usually, the only way I remember them is when something happens in real life that triggers the memory or, I remember a little thing about the dream but none of the details.

I've found that when I go to bed right after reading livejournal that I will dream about livejournal people. More often than not, I dream about someone I've never met.  I've had all sorts of these dreams, some of which I remember, but most of which I don't.  The ones I remember have always been good... and at least one was, um, erotic (and for those of you wondering, I've written about it before and not going into it again).

Last night I dreamt of mandy_moon for some reason.  I don't remember anything about the dream other than we met and she was a nice person.  We were doing... something.  An event or gathering of some sort and it was outside. I have one image still in my head of her standing on a small hill or rise on a grass lawn and the sun shining down from her right side. Other than that, the details are vauge.  The really funny thing is I've seen pictures of Ms. Moon and the one I conjured up in my dream is nothing like her actual visage.  Now that I've opened this conversation I will have to give some explanation solely for her benefit should she read this.  In the dream she had light brown hair that was really shiny and freckles splashed across her nose.

But I have no explanation for this.  I don't know why I attached this image to someone I've never met. 

I'm hoping something will happen that will trigger the memory of the dream.  I remember feeling good about the dream... it was a good dream.

So, out of curiosity...  who on LJ have any of you ever dreamed about?
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