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(no subject)
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Evansville, IN

My pal Robin is pregnant.  This is the lass who just got married a couple of weeks ago.  She seems happy.  She has waffled on the issue of having another child ever since her first and, while this wasn't exactly planned, she's okay with it.  This poses a problem, however.  As you good mothers out there probably already know, expecant women should not clean the litter boxes of our feline friends and she has been keeping Fubu since I began training.  Hubby has basically said that he doesn't like cats, that's her cat - her problem... so....

A plea comes once again to the land of LJ for someone who might be interested, willing, or bribed into caring for the World's Greatest Cat for a period of at least 9 months...  more if you become attached and like having her around.  Robin has no qualms with picking back up her cat sitting role after the pregnancy... but she wants to be a good mother and do all those right things.  So... any takers?

I'm heading to the west coast this weekend.  This puts me in some places that may (or may not) be of interest to some of you fools who live west of the Mississippi:

lacyunderall... third time's a charm?  I'll be in Kansas City tomorrow evening (Friday) if you're free.  Drop me a line or give me a call if ya want.  As usual, I'm always up for visiting with you justamy, though you may be tired of seeing my sorry ass every other week by now.

psycat90...  if your offer is still good, I'll be coming through Santa Rosa on my way to Ukiah on Monday evening.  If you and/or democritus feel like socializing, lemme know.

Hrrrm, I guess this means I'll be in the general vicinity of the notorious (or is that nefarious?) huskerdude1 and the more elusive wendy_sue on Monday evening as well. 

For all of you SanFran vicinity folks, I get done in San Jose around 4-5pm and don't have anywhere to be until 8am on Tuesday up in Ukiah... so I'm more than free to be gotten drunk and taken advantage of... er, for a night of lively conversation and pleasantry.

For those of you who elected to be on the pr0n filter... post #2 is coming soon.  An erotic dream!

Also coming soon... more peeeeektures.  I'm trying to stay up all night so I can sleep during the day and take the night driving duties during our trip to the west coast.  So I'll likely get a little extra happy with the LJ posting tonight.

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You know how I feel about the kitty! I'd love to have her stay with me!

Really? It'd be ok with your mom and what-not?

By the way, I don't know that I ever told you... but you calling her "kitty-face" stuck with me and I find myself calling her that every now and then in addition to my usual terms of endearment for her.

You know, I hadn't even thought to ask my Mom about it. I'm sure she'll be fine with it, but I'll talk to her when I get home from work tonight to make sure.


We learned enough about toxoplasmosis and cats and litterboxes and pregnant women in parasitology last year to make a person want to bang their head repeatedly with a hammer.

There are a lot of misconceptions about toxoplasmosis.

If this woman has owned her cat for at least six months, it is likely she has already been exposed to the parasite (if that cat is carrying toxo at all) and will probably not pass it on to her baby. The real danger is for a pregnant woman who has never owned a cat before and has no antibodies for toxoplasmosis.

If she wear gloves while cleaning the litter box, she should be a-ok.

Then again, I still think the husband should clean the damn box and humor his pregnant wife, but that's not really my place to say.

Oh yeah-

and is this an indoor cat? Because if so, the risk is VERY low.

I found ya a link-


yeah... the cat's never been outside... this is immensely helpful... thank you!

Yeah that's what I think too... but, it's not my place to say.

I thought the big deal with cat litter and pregnant women was Lime disease? At least that's what I recall from the pregnancies of my own children... not that I'm ever terribly up-to-date on anything health related anyway....

..back to my coffee, Mudslide pie and Marlboro infusion....

p.s. i'm trying to help you out with the diary/journal thingie.... in mid-composition at the moment :)

Nah, Lyme disease is the one you get from ticks ;)

duh, i shoulda remembered that..

Well, I have to work from 10pm-8am Sunday/Monday and the same thing on Monday/Tuesday, but I might have a few hours free late Monday afternoon.


OK, there IS a Santa Claus.

A night with soopageek and huskerdude1 (and democritus, of course) might be too much for a girl to ask for.


We're in.

Cell # is 707-280-4148

Call when you're around!

I guess you will both see this.

If this is to be a group undertaking, hammer down some details that work for you on Monday afternoon/evening... I'll be free no later than 5 or 6, possibly as early as 3 or 4, but I will know more on that later. The only other consideration I need is where (Oakland? Santa Rosa? Elsewhere?) and somewhere to stash this behemoth I drive and possibly a lift from and back to it.

My cell is 859-621-3478 for future reference. And I'll definitely give you a call sometime over the weekend, if nothing else just to say "hi" and break the proverbial ice. :)

OK cool

Well, I didn't mean to intrude on any Oakland visit, but you could so park a truck out on the street or within walking distance of this pad. Of course, we're 40 minutes north of that fucker John, and he never drops by to say hi. ;-)

Oh there's no intrusion... nothing was ever set... just batting around ideas :)

Mah niggaz,
It pains me to flake, as it does any psoriasis sufferer, but upon telling a certain somebody of my plans I was reminded that I'd already made a commitment for tonight and that if I should fail to honor this commitment I might be shaking hands with the unemployed (if you follow me) well into the next year. Sorry. I was looking forward to meeting you, soopageek, and arguing about music, and looking down Shannon's top when she wasn't paying attention, and kicking Vince's ass. Next time you're on the coast...

I'll be sure and holla next time I'm through :)

my friend chachachana is here for a girls' night tonight, but maybe we could squeeze in some lin-action. i'll check with mah guest, suh.

okie dokie.... i'm about an hour east of KC at the moment, so... gimme a call and lemme know....

i certainly wouldn't wanna impose on girl night...

or wait, maybe would *evil leer*...

anyway, lemme know...

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