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this just occured to me
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
When you think about it on a philosophical level, don't "IRL" and "AFK" mean exactly the same thing?

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we so seriously need to hang out... I miss you.

Maybe someday I'll actually get to Ohio... it seems every week I go to Colorado these days, though.

i miss you too. let me know when you're trucking through.

What if you're making a phone post?

oh shit i meant to add you back last night before i started my top100... i figure if you're a friend of shan/vince/john you must be cool about, um, certain things.... you've been added to a filter so i highly recommend you re-check my current posts for one you didn't see previously ;-)

(Deleted comment)
oh it's an old chat acronym for "away from keyboard"

That's a good point.

Until I get my neural interface chip.

I doubt it'll happen in my lifetime, but it'd be neat if someday you could change careers just by changing a neural chip.... the entire knowledge of humanity on any given subject accessible in an instant without the years of education... sure certain skilled professions like surgeon or whatever would require practice before application...

but kinda like Neo in The Matrix learning martial arts... or maybe more like Johnny 5 in Short Circuit :)

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