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like a kid in a candy store
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Maybe I'm just out of the loop, but I just discovered gemm.com....  I've been running casual searches just to see how well I can find some out of print vinyl I may or may not be interested in purchasing....

They located two copies of Monster Magnet's "Murder/Tractor" 7" for Primo Scree records in 1990 yet they did not find Nerdy Girl's self-titled 10" on vinyl :(...

other things of interest to me:

-US and UK original releases for the Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique gatefold vinyl (not the Grand Royal re-sissue)...
-Dead Moon's Defiance record (albeit listed as in "medium condition" with a price tag of $40 :/) Edit to add duh, "M" stands for mint... that might be worth the 40 bucks!
-Mudhoney's Boiled Beef and Rotting Teeth EP, brand new on CD... but no vinyl.
-no dice on Crain's Speed LP... but a few 7" and splits they did
-Jesus Lizard's "Chrome/7 vs. 8" 7"... $11.50 brand new!
-Freakwater's "Your Goddamned Mouth/War Pigs" 7"... near mint $17.50... ordered!
- God's Acre Ten Gospel Greats LP... CD and vinyl!

plus you can create a notification agent list so that you get an e-mail if someone lists something you're looking for AND they have a wishlist ala Amazon... 

I've been meaning to assemble my favorite records on vinyl, just for the helluvit...  plus a good assortment of 7" stuff that I can go apeshit over... I am so down for this...

Allmusic needs to create a search bar for IE similar to the Yahoo and Google bars... then I would be a happy man.

Edit to add: Chrome's Half Machine Lip Moves original 1979 pressing w/ poster in mint condition... $30! and Public Enemy's Fear Of a Black Planet near-mint $25! *squeal*

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yo, g... switch your browser to the far-superior firefox, then get the allmusic extension for the search box. it's that easy! they have all kinds of other search-box extensions too.

i'd be surprised if fear of a black planet vinyl isn't available on eBay for less than $25? but i could be deluded.

you just listed the Monster Magnet to make sure I was reading..
that's why I luuuv you.

well, i figured it'd probably get a comment outta you... but i didn't do it solely for that purpose... actually, acquiring the Murder/Tractor 7" has been a high priority of mine for quite some time... :)

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