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some top 5's
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Top 5 Reasons Why It's Great To Be From The South
1. After making some faux pas, you can cover it by telling a Yank "That's how we do it in the South"... and they'll believe you.  And they think we're gullible and naive.
2. Fried chicken: we gave the rest of you the Colonel, but you've never had mama's.
3. Hot girls who drive pickup trucks.
4. We invented putting "the" in front of everything that is so popular on the internet these days:  "She got the cancer."
5. It is socially acceptable to put gravy on anything.

Top 5 People From Kentucky That I'm Proud Of
1. Hunter S. Thompson
2. Richard Hell
3. Les McCann
4. Johnny Depp
5. Ned Beatty

Top 3 People From Kentucky I Wish Would Stop Reminding Everyone In Sight Where They Are From
1. Rebecca Gayheart
2. Jennifer Love-Hewitt
3. Ashley Judd

I met a woman of Asian descent yesterday afternoon in her late 30's to early 40's.  She was a cashier at a fast-food place in Nebraska and had a really thick accent, so I'm assuming she is an emigrant and not a second or third generation descendent.  Now correct me if I'm wrong, but a lot of people of Asian origin adopt "Americanized" names in place of their given name, since their tongue is so very different from our own.  This is understandable.  The moniker chosen by this woman, clearly stated on her name-tag?


With the exception of the name Jezebel, I can't think of any other female name in our culture that carries such a specific, negative common-conciousness with it.  I mean, in what other context could someone from outside our culture have heard that name and thought, "That's what I want my name to be!"  Not that it's not a pretty name; it's the cultural baggage that comes with it in terms of jokes and long-winded blog entries by yammering assholes.  I'm guessing either someone played a horribly cruel joke on her by suggesting that name before she could be made aware of its context in Western culture.  Possibly she is familiar with Lolita Davidovich from films she has seen.  These are the only two I can fathom.  She didn't appear to be retarded... although she was working in fast food.

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Hot girls in pickup trucks, Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson all mentioned in one entry. I admire you.


from my experience... indiana is a pretty good state for hot girls in pickup trucks too...

i didn't know rebecca gayheart and jennifer love hewitt were from ky

i served rebecca gayheart some drinks in the lexington airport when i manged the restaurant out there... she was waiting on a flight back to the left coast after visiting some friends and relatives from whatever part of kentucky she's from....

I knew a Chinese guy who had adopted the name "Osen" for himself because he was a fan of the character "Orson" (the pig) from the show Garfield and Friends, and just misunderstood the pronunciation. Of course, in the end, Osen sounded more suitable than Orson would have, as it had a sort of Asian flair to it. Most people probably just thought it was his real name (or a shortened version of it).

I want to laugh and cry at the same time.

whether from the south or elsewhere, it is never acceptable to put gravy on anything. trust a man who was born in kentucky.

gravy on green beans, gravy on french fries, gravy on all manner of breads and meats... gravy on corn is pretty good...

yep, gravy on anything...

When Peyton was a baby, I called him "The Peyton". I still do sometimes.

And I always preferred driving a truck over a car!

hot... girls... in... pick ups... *slobber*

My midwife catches babies for the Amish community in Crab Orchard, and there's only one phone in the whole area, right in the middle of town, and she says she gets calls like.. "My wife's got the pain right now, ya better come on out". Like my midwife lives in a hobbit hole or something.

And wow, Lolita, huh.... That's pretty, well, just disturbing, I have to admit.

(Deleted comment)
see? this is exactly what i'm talking about... one of the great things about living in the south... ;-)

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