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Location: Concordia, MO

Some of you who have been reading here for a while may recall an entry I did earlier this year about the Oregon Shoe Tree.  As it turns out, Nevada has one, too!  I'll tell you my secret, I've known about it for a little while and have been dying to tell everyone, but the pictures I took of it when I discovered it were all blurry.  And I didn't see any point in sharing it if I couldn't back it up with the pictorial proof.  Last weekend as Roger and I were making our way to California we stopped.  It turned out to be a wonderful day to take pictures.With the recent snow and ice storms, the shoe laces were creating long thin icycles

It sits on the side of U.S. 50 between the towns of Austin and Fallon, NV.

I must say, it is way more impressive that the Oregon shoe tree. 

The sheer number of shoes crammed into the branches is mind boggling.

The surroundings are way more scenic than the shoe tree in Oregon as well, especially this morning.  The sun was just coming up over the mountains and lighting up the snow on the peaks and on the playas.

So now I'm wondering how many more shoe trees there are in the country for me to discover? So far it seems to be a western phenomena, probably because trees are so rare in these high desert environments.  As plentiful as trees are in the east, I can't imagine there would be a way for the conspiracy of footwear being bestowed upon our leafy friends to take root in the minds of Americans.  In certain parts of the west, though, a tree of this size is so scarce that it becomes hyper-noticed and is thereby singled out for the flinging of shoes into its limbs. 

I guess I'll have to keep following the roads less travelled when time permits and keep an eye out for more shoe trees.

As mentioned previously, I spent an evening with the lovely psycat90 and her hubby democritus.  On the trip out of Oakland up to Santa Rosa, I was playing with the camera while Roger drove.  There was a light rain and the California freeway traffic was... typical.  It made for some interesting photos, though.

I did end up getting a new trainee.

His name is Mike.  And this isn't a very good picture because of the back light, but maybe I'll get some better ones later.  Mike's a young guy... 21 to be precise.  He's the kinda guy who wears his ball-cap backwards and keeps a scraggly beard and mustache.  When I picked him up in Indianapolis yesterday I got to meet his wife of 3 months.  Awwwww...newlyweds.  He says the plan is for her to ride with him after he gets out of training and they're going to travel the country while they're young and unencumbered by children.  Sounds like fun.

Oh yeah... Mike's wife... is very, very hot.

After some IM conversations with atthestarz and hockeyfag I think I'm going to try and plan a trip to Minneapolis the weekend of January 15th.  If I can acquire the tickets, I'm hoping to catch the live broadcast of Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion program in St. Paul on that Satruday.  I must be insane for purposefully planning to go to freakin' Minnesota in January, but it should be fun.
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