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it has been an odd week... i only worked three days and made a weekly salary equivalent to what i made manaing restaurants.... i love my job... i spent more time thsi week online than i have spent online in the past year... WiFi #1...

i ran into an old friend online this week... it's been ages since i've talked with janny hamsterbong.... with my unusual amount of access to the internet this week... we've chatted almost every night... it's good to talk to her... i always liked chatting with her in the "old days" of #mp3indie on IRC... but it's strange because, back then... she was just a 16 year old kid (i was 28)... and now she's a 22 year old woman... "what a drag it is gettin' old..." it's like when i'm back home at my parents and i meet someone who i remember being a baby (or not even born) and now they're an adult... it's nice to find someone to chat with online that you have a history with... that you can have memories with... not to mention, due to the nature of where we met, we tend to have a lot of common interests, even if our tastes may vary...

i'm getting my new cell phone this weekend... actually today! i can't wait!

spell chckers are for sissies!

Mommy, mommy, mommy. Look at your son. You mighta loved me but now I got a gun. You better stay out of my way. I think I've had a bad day. Daddy, daddy daddy. Proud of your son? Got myself a good job, killin' niggers and Mexicans. I tell ya one thing is true. You can't find justice it'll find you. "Hate the Police" - The Dicks (covered by Mudhoney)

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