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SoopaMusicGeek Meme, Volume 1
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
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I got into a lengthy LJ-comment discussion with huskerdude1 last night in the entry begun yesterday on the random lyrics meme.  The discussion popped up as a result of my rather difficult use of the line "I lay traps for troubadours" to represent "Sympathy For The Devil" and our discussion meandered into an idea for a differnt kind of music lyrics meme.  In what is likely some flagrant disregard for blog etiquette, I'm going to begin another lyrics game while the other one is still going on.

So here's the deal:

I've chosen FIFTY (this should keep you entertained for a while) very obvious pop/rock songs of the past 40 years that everybody has heard a bajillion times.  Not only that, Ive chosen a rather obvious bit of lyrics from each one... but the trick is I'm going to truncate the lyric down to four words AND it will most likely involve the last couple of words from one line and the first couple of words from the second line.  I tried to choose these lyrics so that the words you see are specific to that song - in other words, it couldn't be from just anything. If you want to see an example of what I mean, check out our discussion where I did 5 really quick ones for huskerdude1's benefit last night.

In a couple of days, after you've had a chance to work on it, I will begin adding two words, one to either end of the lyric snippet.  Over subsequent entries, I will continue to add words until someone gets it. A quick example using one I did last night:  I might start off with "less dangerous. Here we"... if no one got it, then the next time it would be "it's less dangerous. Here we are", then, "out, less dangerous. Here we are now"... and it would keep growing until someone got it. We'll see how many additions it takes until they are all solved. Feel free to share it with folks on your f-list or in relevant communities if you find it challenging and fun.

In honor of the discussion this grew out of, I call this:
The SoopaMusicGeek Meme

Ready?  Goggling = cheating; have fun.

1. "in cash.  Out in"

2. "of rain, I'd hate"

3. "from pain?  Can you"

4. "week before and I"

5. "on the way, shaved" (this is probably too easy)

6. "with you girl, things"

7. "this free. At night"

8. "the corner. That's me"

9. "of fate. A bed"

10. "know why. Excuse me"

11. "decided that and I'm"

12. "know when.  I'm stuck"

13. "so unkind.  You're the"

14. "toughest around.  And I"

15. "your sympathy, I don't"

16. "or dare.  They'll kick"

17. "to ruin the image"

18. "make it better. Remember"

19. "my love, every inch"

20. "who live.  You don't"

21. "or dream. Deep down"

22.  "the floor.  In ten"

23. "don't care, I strut"

24. "hot mama? You sure"

25. "too sentimental. Your best"

26. "me be. Stop your"

27. "cool off then, start"

28. "walk down before you"

29. "the trees, younger than"

30. "excess, love is free"

31. "day, when it's cold"

32. "long history of breaking"

33. "the flame. And what"

34. "just like that river"

35. "out once. Love 'em"

36. "the shade, strummin' with"

37. "rather die than give"

38. "the rain. Tears are"

39. "to Brighton, I must've"

40. "not sleeping.  There's something"

41. "need reason, don't need"

42. "no square. If you"

43. "and roll, so put"

44. "back, now. What they"

45. "up on a sleepy"

46. "being used. That's okay"

47. "a day. Living at"

48. "know why. My girlfriend"

49. "those words away, then"

50. "the blender and soon" (this is a gimme, how many songs have the word "blender" in it?)

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10. Still Crazy After All These Years--Paul Simon
36. Johnny B. Goode--Chuck Berry

46 is so familiar but I can't place it.

10. nope... i'm not familiar enough with the Paul Simon song to be an authority, but I did look up the lyrics online to see if that exact string of four words were in it anywhere and couldn't find it in the text of the lyrics... if there's another version, please inform me and i'll stand corrected... at any rate, it's not the song i intended :)

36. yes

Hrm...must've been confused there for a second. I couldn've sworn there was a Paul Simon song with those lyrics...but I could just be imagining things.

5: wild side - lou reed
12: stuck in the middle with you
38 del shannon - runaway
34 - duran duran - rio
31 - my girl (talkin bout, my giiirl)
23 - stray cat strut

all correct with the exception of 12.

#14 "Jump" - Van Halen


#43 "I Love Rock and Roll" - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts


Oh! No. 10 is Purple Haze.

I knew #5, but somebody beat me to it.

Damn...these are hard. I feel so lame.

choo got it, mang... yeah they are hard... after i gotstarted on it i realized i was going to have to keep a list of the answers because i would look back at one i had already done and have to think for a few minutes to figure out what it was i had taken the snippet of lyric from :)

8 - Losing My Religion
18 - Hey Jude
37 - Head Like a Hole
50 - Margaritaville

Wow, that's really tricky. For example, Number 50 took me 15 minutes to get, and I've sang that damn song at far too many karaoke bars to count. Even basing my guesses on the word "blender," I still came up with Poor Pitiful Me and that damn Eve 6 song from a few year back before finally came around to Jimmy Buffet.

hey you're good at this... the only other person who came to close to getting as many as you so far was ruxxell.... :)

HELL YEAH! and i was kinda drunk when i did it.
maybe thats the tric.

29. John Denver - Country Roads
39. The Who - Pinball Wizard
48. Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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