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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Holy mother of God.

Slint is reuniting for some "very special appearances".

No one can get me a Christmas present better than that news.  Four dates confirmed in the U.S. so far in March.  I will take off and travel wherever it is necessary.  I will pay through the nose for tickets.

So far it's only confirmed that McMahan, Pajo, and and Walford are part of this "reunion", leaving only Brashear absent from the lineup that recorded Spiderland.

I know this doesn't make any sense to 95% of you reading this.... but OMFG!!!!!111!!!!!!11!!one!!!11

Edit to add: I bought two tickets to the show in Chicago at Park West... I don't know who I'll get to go with me, but I've got two tickets to Slint in March motherfuckers! Yowwwwwwwww! Talking with mybluenotepad a while ago they're supposed to be playing Irving Plaza, too - just not yet confirmed. If they do and I can get tickets, I'm there, too.

Out of curiosity, I wondered if the domain motherfucker.com had been taken.  I mean, I assumed it had, but it occured to me that I didn't know what, if anything was there.  When I plugged it into my browser, it gave an error message.  Usually this indicates that the domain is good, but something is wrong at the website.  When it can't find it at all, Windows goes through that whole process of sending you to search pages (or in my case, Google cos I gots me the Google bar).  Anyway, I decided to go to the people I've bought my domains from to run a search on it.  Lo and behold, not only is motherfucker.com taken, so is .org, .biz, .net, and every other dot you can think of. 

But what was funny is, the website then proceeded to make alternate suggestions for my domain request, since motherfucker.com was already taken.  It made for a very funny list.

  "X" marks ones which at least one primary .something-or-other extension has already been used.

X - themotherfucker     
X - emotherfucker     
X - imotherfucker     
X - motherfuckers     

I'm so tempted to buy "extramotherfucker.com" just so I could have an e-mail address from there.  You're not just motherfucker, you're extramotherfucker.  I have to admit, "realmotherfucker.com" and "motherfuckercentral.com" would be pretty good, too.  Or maybe get "onesmoothmotherfucker.com" so I could have the subdomain that was "soopageek.onesmoothmotherfucker.com"

So I'm tempted but not totally moved to do this just for my own amusement.  I have the webspace and can easily host another domain.  As a joke, would anyone else be interested in having their own subdomain and email at "extramotherfucker.com"? Maybe the splash page for "extramotherfucker.com" could be a list of everyone that is "extramotherfucker" with links to whatever webpage your little deviant hearts desired in subdomains "yourname.extramotherfucker.com" with email addresses yourname@extramotherfucker.com?  I'd simply set you up an FTP account to upload your pages and you can go to town.  If, say, three people are in this with me, I'll buy the domain name this week. ;-)

Edit To Add: After the first comment I got from bustednut it occured to me how the last part of the previous paragraph doesn't read how I intended it to read. By "in this with me" I don't mean monetarily, I will buy the domain name and host it at my webspace. I just want it to be for the amusement of more than just myself if I'm going to do it. So, one down two to go... who else is down?

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man, if only i had the money... bustednut@extramotherfucker.com has a real good ring to it

it's not an issue of money... i'm gonna spring for the domain name and already have webspace... i just want to know if anyone else wants in on it... i don't think i could justify doing it for JUST my own amusement... but for the amusement of a few other people plus myself, oh hell yeah...

so i'll take that as you're in :)

for the last week or so i've been debating over the slint thing... i could probably fly back to chicago pretty cheaply... but then i think that this is going to be worse than the pixies reunion shows. sure, there are a lot less people that want to see them i suspect, but the people that do want to see them will be at least as "militant" about it, if not more... and there's also a hell of a lot less venues on the tour, and no promises that the tour will be expanded or that they'll ever do it again. the prospect of $800 slint tickets on eBay makes my blood run cold. on principle i don't pay more than $10 to see anyone... and somehow that's always worked out fine... even in Chicago!

if you're just looking for a feeble excuse to reg EMF.com, sure, i'll take an address, knowing full well that i'd never use it... might find some prank excuse for the free web hosting??? personally if i had to have an xMFx domain i'd probably want motherfuckerist.com or motherfuckerer.com. then i'd fill the root web dir with fake German and fake Scheisse video previews. :)

godaddy does a similar domain-suggestion thing with hilarious results-- the impressive thing being that someone has already registered a .com with those names in the past or presently. i know i have one friend that through this generative function is obsessed with reg'ing amateurmonkeybutts.com.

yeah but see, if you get in quick it's fairly reasonable...

i got my two slint tickets at the park west show in chicago for $20 a piece plus handling fees... unfortunately, it looks as if the show at the metro is already sold out....

okay...we want o buy the domain name for our business. rmember the one we talked about? what do i need to do now?

man, i have a vague recollection... i'm sure i offered something in the way of help... did i offer to help with my limited knowledge? did i offer to host it? i don't remember... whichever is fine... i can still host two domains with no problem.... i'm guessing i probably offered to host it there while you were in the process of starting out until you decided if you wanted to do something more permanent and with more control?

as far as registering the domain name.... you can just shop around at various sites which offer these sorts of services... i personally have used www.aplus.net for the three domains i've bought in the past... reasonably priced and i haven't had any issues with them... fairly simple process... you pay for it with a credit card and you are given a login/pw for administering it....

once you've registered your domain name... get with me on it (the name, login/pw) and i'll get everything setup on my end with the webspace... think about what email addresses you'd like as well... i'll set you up FTP access and you'll be ready to fly :)

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