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i'm packin' my bags for the misty mountains
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Locaction: Omaha, NE

I haven't done anything terribly exciting week. No new adventures to report or document, but I've taken a fair number of photographs - some were things which just caught my eye or it was just me jerking around with the camera.  So, here they are, without much fan or to do.

This photo I took in Pueblo, Colorado.  Mike and I had just finished eating dinner and were getting back on the interstate.  I looked up the road and saw all the cars on or coming down the hill with their lights reflecting on the wet pavement.  Didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped but it still made for a fairly decent picture none the less.

Way out in western Kansas along I-70 is the town of Colby.  It is home to the Oasis Travel Center at Exit 53.  It's a nice place to stop for a break - they have a Quiznos and a Starbucks inside among other things.  But the greatest thing about the Oasis Travel Center is that it makes a ludicrous attempt to live up to its name.

Those are life-size, giant, shiny-plastic fake palm trees.  You can see the suppot wires coming down at an angle from them which keeps them upright.  If you look closely you can even see the support wires which keeps the palm fronds fanned out. 

Behind the Oasis is another little treasure, a few farm buildings with the bodies of old cars and trucks rusting behind them. 

On Wednesday, Mike and I were unloading cabinets in Colorado Springs.  I stepped out to grab us a couple of sodas from the truck and was treated to this sight, the mists rolling in over the Rockies at the edge of a snow storm.  Within the hour, Colorado Springs was getting blanketed in big, fluffy snow flakes.

Finally, here are some pretty lights.  I was goofing around with the camera at night while Mike drove us through Kansas City on Monday night.  It's hard to take pictures from the truck when it's moving, particularly at night - things come out way too blurry.  In the case of these two pictures, the blurriness is what makes them so great.

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i am off for two weeks, so if you are back this way...
and merry christmas/happy holidays, my dear old friend.

well i know i won't this week... i'm headed for the east coast, but maybe sometime after christmas... they seem to like sending me to colorado for some reason lately :)

happy holidays to you too... and i'm not that old ;-)

(Deleted comment)
completely off-topic...

You have quite the resemblance to Eliza Dushku. (If you don't know who she is, it's definitely a complement.) ;)

aw, it was just a little led zeppelin quote to fit one of the pictures... :)

as for tickets... um, planning anything rock-solid on a friday evening with me is an exercise in futility... just ask fujerica... so saturday is more to my liking, besides, it's the actual broadcast :)... also, if you want to get them go for it, otherwise i was planning to try and secure them online sometime the week or so after christmas.....

fyi: hockyfag is interested in tagging along for that evening of festivities, so a third ticket was will be necessary... so that should be interesting, a social event surrounding an LJ three-way... (get your mind out of the gutter)....

as for the other details of the weekend... there's not much i will be able to tell you until that week gets here... i'll probably get in on Friday evening, however, it may be late... so we'll just have to hammer down details and specifics as they become known to us... and more than likely i will have to be back at the truck sometime late sunday evening... everything in between i will leave to my hostess :)

i do wanna go see that shoe tree though... that's a must... you shoulda never told me about that :)

(Deleted comment)
That's ok, I'll get the tickets then :) Don't worry 'bout it.

I may luck out and get in early on Friday, but it's the kind of thing, I just never know until the day gets here :)

I don't have high hopes for the shoe tree... it is inconceivable to me that there is a tree anywhere that can compete with the one in Nevada... I just think that after discovering two, it's kind of become my duty to see shoe trees whenever the opportunity presents itself...

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