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and now back to your regulalry scheduled blog

Location: Willington, CT

Another thing that was nice about this trip is I got to visit a new state!  New Hampshire has now been checked off the list, leaving Vermont, Maine, and North Dakota as the only mainland states that I have not physically been within their borders.

And yet another cool thing about this trip is that Mike and I will get to visit NYC afterall... we don't have to pick up our next load in Pennsylvania until Thursday morning, so we're going to spend the day in the city tomorrow.  Momentarily I will be taking the wheel and pointing us for the Willowbrook Mall in New Jersey where we will spend the night and leave the truck parked for the day.  The usual e-mail to my pal mybluenotepad has been sent, but now I have another NYC peep to notify, since Kentucky ex-pat draysha68, who first visited NYC with me last March has now taken up residence there just this week!  So, draysha68, if your health has improved any in the past day or so and feel up to being social, we'll be kickin' it around the city all day tomorrow.  Just gimme a holler at 859-621-3478...  I should be around all day.

I think visitng the tree in Rockefeller will definitely be in order....

By the way, I post my cell phone number with some regularity around here.  If any of you, those I have met and those I have not, ever want to just call and say "Hi" go for it.  I might not always be able to asnwer, but a good deal of the time, I can and I have one of those free-incoming minutes deals on the cellie...  so, like, I don't care nuffin' 'bout that.

Oh yeah, mandy_moon... I checked and the total Vietnam casualties were slightly over 58,000. So either someone didn't know what they were talking about when they flung that statistic around or I was on crack or something.

This  is turning out to be a nice Christmas season... meeting all sorts of cool new people, Slint, NYC....  God bless us every one.

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