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live from New York
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: 51st & Broadway

Having the laptop and WiFi is kinda cool. Now I can get online in various locations in the city rather than having to depend on that ratty old Internet Cafe. Mike and I are having a bite to eat and then we're off on our NYC adventure. Perhaps I'll give little updates throughout the day.

You can count on a barrage of pictures later, too. This is the first time I've been the NYC since getting the new camera as well. I'll probably go just a little nuts with it.

Looks like I'll be meeting mybluenotepad for coffee or dinner or something after he gets off work. draysha68 where are you?.

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hey. i'm in brooklyn recovering from being out way too late last night in icey cold temps. D and I went out to park slope and ate at Katrina's... and unfortunately we waited too long to go because trying to get back on the subway late at night= ridiculously hard. now i've got a nasty cough and my lungs feel swollen and infected. i'm worried it'll turn into pnuemonia(I know that's spelled incorrectly). just been resting all day. i just looked out the window and it looks like it isn't all that cold... maybe when D gets off work we could hang out? how long you gunna be here?

it was beautiful in the city today... unfortunately, i'm now getting ready to head back tot he truck in jersey... maybe next time? :)

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