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let it snow?
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
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Dear Ohio,

With all of the revenue you generate ticketing your citizens and commerical drivers, could you please consider picking up a couple of snow plows and some road salt?  Maybe you could cross-train your state troopers to drive them rather than have them stand around blocking off interstate ramps.  Say want you want about Kentucky, but at least our goddamn highways were clear and moving.


p.s. Bite me.

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Yeah. Ohio sucks ass. I'm going to add you to my friends list and live vicariously through your OTR experiences while I try to find a city or linehaul job, if you don't mind... And let me say that if I had had a decent trainer (like you seem to be), I might still be doing OTR.

added ya back!

i read a recent entry of yours about the company you were working for... one of the downsides to working for smaller outfits is the equipment... they tend to be more laid-back and lax as a general rule, including their equipment... with the big companies, yeah they're more anal about everything across the board, but that means their equipment is well maintained :)

if you ever decide to give OTR another shot and think you might be interested in trying out one of the big boys, gimme a shout and i'll get you my name and truck number to reference on an application for Werner... not that i'm touting them as the greatest outfit to work for anything, but don't have many complaints so far :)

Ha. I'm actually still getting mailers from Werner every once in a while from my pre-hire from driving school... Here ( http://www.livejournal.com/users/stormodacentury/12521.html#cutid1 )
is where I talk about why I decided OTR wasn't something I was into. Looking back, though, I realize that more than I admitted at that point was missing my wife, pets, and band. So if I'm ever at a point where I'm not in the band, and could bring my dog and wife, I might be into it.

What do you think of the paperless logs?

I for one love the paperless logs. Sure you can't fudge them like you can the paper logs, but it is rare that I have that situation anyway... personally, I like just pressing a couple of buttons and not having to maintain a paper log throughout the day...

I was pre-hired by Werner out of my trucking school as well, of course, I was looking for OTR... wanted to get out and see the country and didn't have anything particularly holding me down at home...

I can't imagine guys who do this and have wives and families at home... that's gotta be tough... I mean I have kids, but being divorced, my time with them is fractured anyway, so it's not like I don't see them any less than I already did... but if I had kids and an old lady at the house, I doubt I'd be doing thie either.

If you're ever coming through Upstate NY on 90 and have a little time to spare, let me know. I'll get you the nastiest, greasiest, best plate of food you've ever seen.

sounds like you have a good neighborhood diner.... i don't get upstate very often, but if i'm ever in the rochester area with some time to kill, i'll keep the offer in mind :)

Seriously. Once I finally made it down the stairs outside of my front door (which were totally unsalted thanks to my caring landlord) and got out of my parking lot (which was totally unplowed, of course), I still had to deal with our nasty Ohio roads yesterday. Evidently every ODOT employee had a week off for Christmas.

And while we're on the subject of snowy roads, have you been anywhere south of Lexington since the storms hit? I'm driving to South Carolina tomorrow, and I'm not sure whether to go through Tennessee like I usually do or if I should go through West Virginia and Virginia.

Seriously. Once I finally made it down the stairs outside of my front door (which were totally unsalted thanks to my caring landlord) and got out of my parking lot (which was totally unplowed, of course), I still had to deal with our nasty Ohio roads yesterday.

Do you happen to live in my apartment complex?

I-71 was ass on Friday. It took us almost five hours to get to Cleveland from C-bus.

the other night it took me THREE HOURS to get from Springfield, OH to Richmond, IN.... i finally realized that trying to use the freeway was going to be a study in abject futility because they kept closing it down, so I took U.S. 35 instead... but by then I'd already lost 2 hours detouring around the Dayton area... :(

DO I live in your apartment complex? My neighbours are pretty spleazy, so maybe. Does the complex have an overly-happy-cheesy name?

My mom and dad just went to Myrtle Beach and the route they took was I-75 down through Knoxville and then I-40 over into North Carolina and then on to SC. If I talk with them tonight, I'll try and get some where and leave you a comment back on how the roads were. :)

i talked to the 'rents last night and my mom says that they had not an iota trouble over the route they took to SC... they were in Columbia when i spoke to her... so it sounds like if you can get across the river out of Ohio, you'll be in good shape....

don't suppose you'd be in Lexington around next weekend wouldjya? ;-)

Thanks! We took 75 down and didn't see a bit of snow on the ground, except in northern Kentucky, where they had left entire lanes unplowed. Which struck me as funny, considering this Ohio-bashing entry.

I'll be going through Lexington next weekend, all right, but I'm not so sure that my roommate, who's on the trip with me, will want to stop. She's fairly eager to get home once we're on the road. What would we do if we did meet up?

weird, i came down I-75 last thursday night outta cincinnati and it was pretty smooth sailing... i mean, yeah in the northern kentucky area the outside lane was unplowed, but that beats the hell outta having three inches of packed snow like it had been in dayton?

oh i didn't have anything in particular in mind... i don't even know exactly where i'll be or what i'll be doing... i should be back at home base by friday and around most of the weekend, so if you and your roomie want a hot meal or something before driving that last 3 hours to columbus, gimme a shout on the cell phone (859)621-3478... just call me sometime when you're en route and you've made up your mind that it sounds like a good idea... i won't promise i'll be available, but the more notice, the better the chances... i'll take ya'll for some grub, coffee, whatever... my treat :)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was just being melodramatic about that unplowed outside lane. Shut up.

We actually decided to spend New Year's Eve/Day with my sister, so we're here in Lexington. My roommate is fairly sure that you're going to rape and/or pillage us, but we might be giving you a call tomorrow.

Tell your roommate that I wouldn't do that in public... sheesh, stalkers have some modicum of decorum and a code of ethics....

I'm at a pizza joint over on Richmond Rd at the moment, and after lunch I'm gonna set up court at Common Grounds and probably drink myself silly with some coffee and goof of online for a couple of hours...

As luck would have it, I got super-ill at 2:15 this morning (not because I was drinking, mind you), so we drove straight home when we finally rolled out of bed at noon today. We talked about you a lot on the drive back, if that makes anything better.

It's so weird that we were on the same road all morning and didn't even know it. It makes the world feel creepy and warm.

At my age, hon, being the topic of conversation of a couple of college coeds is akin to bowling a 300... it's something that is within the realm of possibility, but just doesn't happen very often.

Yeah I know what you mean by a small world. That's happened to me before though. My friend psycat90, a New Jersey ex-pat living in California, was back east for some relative visiting earlier this year. We discovered after the fact that we had both been in Chinatown in Manhattan, on the same street at around the same time of day eating lunch.

Hope you're feeling better. Maybe I'll catch up with you some time in Columbus.

We're mostly interested in whether the back of your rig has been converted into a love nest for luring women from all parts of the country inside. Then we wondered how hard it is to aoproach random women across the country to lure them into your supposed love nest. Then we wondered how many tractor-trailer owner-operators (I love that phrase) keep a LiveJournal. Then we wondered how many trucking-related LiveJournal communities there are. And that made us laugh.

1) Love nest: Ha! Yeah, I have it's decked out in black light and satin sheets. Pffft. It's more like, a geek's haven full of junk food, music/games, and electronic equipment.

2) Luring: I dunno, I'm not really the "player" type. Although, I have at least one female livejournal buddy who has admitted to having a fantasy involving sex in a semi sleeper. Hrrrrrmmmm. Actually, it's something I must admit I am interested in doing myself, since it is something I have yet to accomplish, thus far.

3) From my f-list:
former tractor-trailer drivers: hockeyfag, jeananne, bustednut
current tractor-trailer drivers: tundraguy1979, stormodacentury
"Other" truck driver: kaseymoe

4) To my knowledge there is no LJ community devoted specifically to truck driving. I did begin a community devoted to general stories about life on the road. It has been slow to take-off, but there seems to be at least a little interest in it... roadstories

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