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SoopaMusicGeek Meme, Vol 1, Round 3
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
No I haven't forgotten about this, just haven't had the time to do the next round.  I've struck a few from the game because I discovered I had the lyrics incorrect, so I figured it'd be simpler just to remove them.  There are only 16 remaining of the original 50 and we are up to eight words of the lyric snippet.  I have moved all of the unsolved lyrics to the top to make it a little easier to access after clicking the cut and as usual, all of the solved ones are listed with who got it. #12 has become ridiculously obvious this round... the rest, well, go take a look. :)

For those of you keeping score at home ruxxell is kicking everyone's butt with 11, with kristinkay close behind with 9... no one else is even close. Of course it's not about competition it's about fun... but I thought I oughta give some props to the two best players.  Have fun.

The SoopaMusicGeek Meme

4. "just a week before and I had never"

6. "stayed here with you girl, things just couldn't"

12. "I don't know when.  I'm stuck in Folsom"

13. "life was so unkind.  You're the key to" (I've discovered I might have these lyrics a tad wrong, but they should still be solveable)

15. "plead for your sympathy, I don't mind 'cause"

16. "no truth or dare.  They'll kick you then"

17. "I'm about to ruin the image and the"

19. "give you my love, every inch of my"

20. "some people who live.  You don't have to"

24. "are you hot mama? You sure look that"

25. "can't be too sentimental. Your best bet's a"

27. "twelve, we'll cool off then, start rockin' around"

28. "a man walk down before you call him"

33. "up to the flames. And what do I

41. "try. Don't need reason, don't need rhyme.There"

42. "you be no square. If you can't find"

1. "pay in cash. Out in the (Shit, I messed this one up too... I guess I need to double check my lyrics if I ever do it again)

2. "thought of rain, I'd hate to", Guns N Roses - "Sweet Child O' Mine" by kristinkay

3. "skies from pain?  Can you tell", Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here" by yshaloo

5. "on the way, shaved", Lou Reed - "Walk On The Wild Side" by ruxxell

7. "feel this free. At night I", Madonna - "Into The Groove" by kristinkay

8. "the corner. That's me" R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion" by kristinkay

9. "twist of fate. A bed of", U2 - "With Or Without You" by ruxxell

10. "know why. Excuse me", The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Purple Haze" by mandy_moon

11. "decided that and I'm" (Struck because I got the lyrics wrong *blush*)

14. "toughest around.  And I", Van Halen - "Jump" by my pal Boz

18. "make it better. Remember" The Beatles - "Hey Jude" by kristinkay

21. "true or dream. Deep down inside", Metallica - "One" by delicarose

22.  "on the floor.  In ten minutes", Bob Seger - "Old Time Rock and Roll" by ruxxell

23. "don't care, I strut", The Stray Cats - "Stray Cat Strut" by ruxxell

26. "me be. Stop your" (Had lyrics incorrect on this one, too)

29. "the trees, younger than", John Denver - "Country Roads" by sinatra

30. "material excess, love is free, love", Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Give It Away" by ruxxell

31. "day, when it's cold", The Temptations - "My Girl" by ruxxell

32. "a long history of breaking little", Pat Benetar - "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by kristinkay

34. "just like that river", Duran Duran - "Rio" by ruxxell

35. "making out once. Love 'em and" Prince - "Little Red Corvette" by kristinkay

36. "the shade, strummin' with", Chuck Berry - "Johnny B. Goode" by clockwork_pixie

37. "rather die than give" Nine Inch Nails - "Head Like A Hole"  by kristinkay

38. "the rain. Tears are", Del Shannon - "Runaway" by ruxxell

39. "to Brighton, I must've" The Who - "Pinball Wizard" by sinatra

40. "I'm not sleeping.  There's something about", INXS - "I Need You Tonight" by ruxxell

43. "and roll, so put", Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - "I Love Rock and Roll" by my pal Boz

44. "the back, now. What they want", The Ramones - "Blitzkrieg Bop" by clockwork_pixie

45. "comes up on a sleepy little", Doobie Brothers - "China Grove" by brokenhead81

46. "I'm being used. That's okay, man," The Offspring - "Self Esteem" by ruxxell

47. "packs a day. Living at home" Beastie Boys - "Fight For Your Right To Party" by kristinkay

48. "know why. My girlfriend</b>" Violent Femmes - "Blister In The Sun" by sinatra

49. "took those words away, then you" Extreme - "More Than Words" by ruxxell

50. "the blender and soon" Jimmy Buffet - "Margaritaville" by kristinkay

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I feel like I should do one of these for my own peace of mind.

And speaking of peace of mind:

#13 is "Natural Woman", and I believe that Aretha Franklin was the first to sing it.

you are correct, young lady... the reason i think i got the lyrics a tad wrong is, the way i wrote them out here is the way i've always "heard" that line... but after checking some printed lyrics sources on line, a lot of them list it as "your love is the key to my peace of mind"... so, i don't know if that's they was Carol King wrote it and Lady Soul just went with her own phrasing, or if i just never heard Ms. Franklin correctly all these years... i'll need to go back and listen to the song sometime and pay more attention :)

p.s. feel free to do your own! i'd love to be able to play in one that i hadn't created :)

incidentally, here's the original entry if you care... :)

#6 Lynard Skynard - "Free Bird"
#19 Led Zeppelin - "Whole Lotta Love"

yes to both... white trash clasic rock reprazent!

#4 is The Kinks "Lola"
#6 is "Freebird" Lynyrd Skynyrd
#15 is "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and I'm assuming that's the Temptations, but maybe they didn't do it first.
#24 is Foreigner - "Hot Blooded"
#25 is Billy Joel - "Still Rock n' Roll To Me"
#28 is "Blowin' in the Wind", which, I think Bob Dylan did first.

Fuck. I would have kicked this game's ass. I wish I'd started playing from the beginning.

yes to all... although i think yourtourniquet technically got #6 precisely 1 minute faster than you did ;-)

yeah i was surprised to not see you playing... i guess with the holidays and work and all ya just missed it :)

12. Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash

it's about damn time ;-)

16: beat it by michael jackson

42 is jailhouse rock by elvis.

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