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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Overton, NE

I think I may possibly have entirely too many platonic girlfriends than is healthy for a single, sexually frustrated heterosexual man to have.

As you were.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm picturing you in Overton, NE, with a large group of gals gathered 'round a fireside table group of truckers drinking coffee in a coffeetruckshtop, gabbing on the latest brassiere prototype from Victoria's Secret weather conditions....

option #2:

so THIS is how you fantasize about me?

(Deleted comment)
but my ulterior motive in this ruse was to flesh-out, so to speak, some of you platonic girlfriends that might be ripe for conversion


(Deleted comment)
see this why i have "no game"... i give practical advice that is then used against me ;-)

(Deleted comment)
And lower my exacting standards?

oh wait, I forgot... I'm easy....

(Deleted comment)
ok, well, i'm not that bad... i'm not easy in a "pick-up" sort of way, more like easy in that i'm not opposed to the knocking of the boots casually with female acquaintances... mutually gratifying intimacy between people who may have an affection and caring attitude about each other for whatever reasons and barriers a full-blown relationship may not be possible...

this was sort of the case with the last lass i wasfamiliar with ;-)... we'd been friends for many years... still are very good friends... but on two occasions in a span of two years we played around a little bit then when on about our lives and it's not like, some big deal or anything... quite frankly i hope we have occasion to again for i find her very attractive and care for her a lot, but we'd never make it as a "couple", we wouldn't be compatible like that... but a few rounds of the hot 'n nasty when neither of us are in any other sort of "mutually exlcusive" relationships? heck ya

if it makes you feel any better, you are possibly the only boy friend i have right now, platonic or not.

will you be my valentine?

nahhh, nuthin' wrong with that

I've always had more guy friends than girls. :)

Re: nahhh, nuthin' wrong with that

why? men are assholes...

but i guess i'm an alternate universe of you... most of my best friends have been females...

Re: nahhh, nuthin' wrong with that

yeah but some women can be real sphincters. you really can't pin the blame for it on one gender.

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