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(no subject)
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Tooele, Utah

Man, have we been running hard and still got a lot more to get done.  No time for any adventures or even writing about our trip to New York last week.  All I've been doing is sleeping and driving since Sunday morning... and so has Mike.  Of course, this means a big fat paycheck for me next week.  Yow! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and that you have a happy New Year.  By this time tomorrow I should be somewhere in Iowa and heading for Lexington for my home time.  If anyone in Lexington wants to be social sometime on Saturday, lemme know.  I have a three day weekend to kill most likely.

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Did you hit any of the crap weather? I dunno about Lexington, but up here in Northern KY we got 12-16 inches of snow.

dude i was right in the thick of it last Thursday night trying to get home for Christmas... I came across I-70 then down through southern Ohio and northern Kentucky on my way home... it was pretty nasty... then Sunday morning had to battle with I-65 through southern Indiana... it's safe to say, I got to go through just about all of it... TWICE ;-)

hey I've got Saturday off, as does Fuji - maybe you'd like to come over?
Kids n' all...

sounds like a deal... maybe sometime afternoon/evening-ish? i'm not sure exctly what all my saturday plans will entail at the moment... as it stands, i don't even know what my trip at the start of next week is going to be just yet... won't know that until today sometime... once i know that, then i can start planning my weekend in a little more detail... plus i have an open invitation to queenkatieett who is coming through lexington on her way home to columbus for dinner/lunch if she decides that sounds like a good idea... other than that... i'm game... i'll be in touch when i know something more definite... you know how it is with me :)

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