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the New Year
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Spending the night in Indy then driving home in the morning.  My New Year's plans, as lame as they were, have been all shot to hell.  I had planned on spending a nice quite evening at home with my parents.  My uncle and aunt were planning to come over as well and that meant there would've been ample people for some card playing and pleasant company.  My parents, however, decided to stay in Myrtle Beach a few extra days and won't be home.  I found this out today.  *Sigh*

My pal Robin plans to spend the evening with her friend Kristine who is also pregnant...  and I've already been informed that it's a girl's night.  In fact, she suggested I drag her hubby out with me to get him out of the house.  Great...  see, I don't know Lewis very well, so the only thing we have in common is that we have both fucked his wife.

So, Lexingtonians....  if any of you are finding yourself in the same boat, you are all invited to the first annual Soopageek: I'm Alone On New Year's Eve But Fuck Ittm bash.  See, I have this card for getting my trainees a motel room when I am home, but since Mike lives in Indy, he just goes home, so I got me a motel room for the weekend.  The night will most likely consist of imbibing vast quantities of alcohol and chain smoking cigarettes.  The room has two beds so there's plenty of safe flop space removing the worry about that drive home.  Also, within walking distance is Pure Gold, so there is ample opportunity for licentiousness and debauchery.  I guess it'll at least be me and Lewis.  Should a holiday miracle occur and a small gaggle of people actually show up, maybe a poker or spades game could break out.  Otherwise it'll probably just involve pizza, booze, and whatever movie channels the motel has.

So if you got nothin' else exciting going on, come join us.  Gimme a call (859)621-3478 or comment here.

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so the only thing we have in common is that we have both fucked his wife.

Hilarious. Possibly a very awkward situation, but riotously phrased.

Happy New Year... hope it's a good start.

heh.. well, it's not like he doesn't know that i dated his wife rather seriosuly for about 3 years, nor does he seem threatened by the friendship i still have with her...

it's just i know if i hang out with this dude all night, all we're gonna talk about is her, cos that's all we have in common :)

have i ever told you that i played a show in lexington ky?
it was at detour.
we defaced a public phone book
and got pizza at some place with "mushroom" in the title.
i think it was on frat row.

oh man... Detour... what a dive that place is/was... i had an "internet date" there a few years ago... the pizza place would be Magic Mushroom which is on campus, but no where near fraternity row...

some one should've done a better job in suggesting campus-area greasy spoons and directed you to Tolly Ho (about a block from Magic Mushroom) so you could've had a Super Ho! Best cheeseburger in the city... should you ever find a reason to come back to my fair city, i'll correct that...

so how long were you in town? i'm guessing just for the evening? did you get a chance to see any of the area in daylight on your drive in or out? central kentucky's a beautiful area to drive through, of course some times of the year are prettier than others :)

Happy New Year

What a coincidence, the couple we were going to spend NY's Eve with left a voicemail at 4 p.m. saying they were on the road to S. Carolina to visit her sister so - of course - would have to cancel our plans for 2nite.

We might have to pay you a visit. Only catch is the kids. Maybe grammy can take them. If we don't stop by, Happy New Year.


well, i'm up for anything if ya wanna hang out... kids n all... it's not like i'm doing anything else :) otherwise i'll probably just laze around and watch movies all night... :)

If it makes you feel any better, I went to BED at midnight on New Years Eve. And I was also alone...sleeping in a little dorm in Mexico while the others played basketball on the sand and the natives shot guns. I figured I was safer inside. :^P

New Years 2006 is going to be awesome for both of us. I promise.

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