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SoopaMusicGeek Meme, Vol 2, Round 1

It was so much fun, I had to do it again.  Y'all seem to like playing, so maybe it can be a monthly event or something.  The problem is coming up with 50 new songs every time.  Maybe they'll get more abbreviated, or maybe I'll do, like, special editions (punk, rap, oldies, classic rock, etc....).  I dunno... then again maybe I'll get completely bored with it after this one and never do another one.  So anyway, this is the new one and I decided to go with the comments screening and scoring everyone individually and not just who got it first.  Sure it's just for fun, but it's also fun when you do well to get a little recognition and have the admiration of your peers for being such a bad ass-music geek.  Feel free to invite the music geekier folks on your f-list over to play. Once again, thanks to huskerdude1's inspiring conversation which beget this monstrosity.

1. Round One begins with four words of lyric from very obvious pop songs.  They might not be obvious to every single person, but they will be obvious to lots of people.
2. The lyric snippet will likely cross multiple phrases, trains of thoughts, and/or be two words from the end of one line and two words from the beginning of another. (Example: "less dangerous.  Here we") When I'm feeling particularly clever, the end of the chorus and the beginning of the second or third verse.
3. With each successive round, one word will be added to either end of the lyric snippet. (Example: "it's less dangerous.  Here we are")
4.  Rounds will proceed until at least one person has correctly guessed all the lyrics.
5. Lyrics sourced will cover the entire scope of popular music with respect to genre and era.  In Volume 1 of this game we had a song as old as 1957.
6. Comment with your answers.  Comments will be screened, so guess as wildly as you'd like without fear of being embarassed. 
7. I will reply to your comments as to whether or not you were correct.
8. I will score one point for just guessing the song title (or finishing the lyric in the event you don't know the song title) and two points for also getting the artist correct. (Example: Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" = 2 points).  In the event of cover versions which are just as, if not more, popular than the original recording, I will allow it (Example: "Blinded By The Light", originally written/recorded by Bruce Springsteen but probably most famously recorded by Manfred Mann Earth Band).  Extra credit is not given, though.
9. Each lyric is marked with a rating of easy, moderate, geek, or soopageek. 
      -"Easy" - I think it is solveable in the first round.  This doesn't mean you're a moron for not getting it, just that it is relatively easy to solve from the lyric presented.
      -"Moderate" - Not unsolveable, but will likely not be solved until future rounds.
      -"Geek" - To solve this in the first round is damn near impossible for the average mortal.
      -"soopageek" - Solveable in the first round, but for various reasons, getting one of these will earn you the respect of your music geek peers. These are the last three on the list.
9. With each new round, I will list the lyrics that have been answered and who got them along with current scores.  Lyrics still in the game will be moved to the top of the list to keep it easy to reference with answered lyrics below seperated into sections by the round they were guessed.
10. Obviously I can not control cheating.  Googling = cheating and you suck if you do it.

1.  "I try.  I can't" (geek)

2.  "a rhyme, to rock" (geek)

3.  "my back.  I play" (moderate)

4.  "of fun. Open up" (moderate)

5.  "did see.  Really love" (easy)

6.  "than today.  I never"  (moderate)

7.  "your back, it's a" (moderate)

8.  "hit me, somebody turned" (easy)

9.  "my eyes. Seems like" (moderate)

10. "still beating. Come and" (easy)

11. "me know.  Should I" (easy)

12.  "that man?  I'd like" (easy)

13.  "until four.  It's hard" (easy)

14. "my back leave me" (geek)

15. "you small.  But the" (moderate)

16. "me be. Don't come" (moderate)

17. "for love.  They come" (moderate)

18. "the moment.  You only"  (moderate)

19. "cold city. He had" (easy)

20. "a child.  We'll name" (easy)

21. "world's asleep, the questions" (easy)

22. "beyond fake.  I want" (easy)

23. "of love before you" (moderate)

24. "the light. Take me" (easy)

25. "bit older. I just" (moderate)

26. "on me wherever you" (moderate)

27. "is soaked with her tears" (moderate)

28. "and mean, big and" (easy)

29. "old strip. I gotta" (easy)

30. "attention to the distance" (moderate)

31. "on me where ever" (easy)
Edited to Add: Duplicate of #26, thanks janietrain.

32. "was dry.  Them good" (easy)

33. "the day. Try to" (moderate)

34. "at night, just trying" (geek)

35. "the fields I fight" (easy)

36. "for broke. Watch the" (easy)

37. "after he took everything" (moderate)

38. "hour, girl, is the" (moderate)

39. "my heart?  You better" (moderate)

40. "the woman or the girl" (moderate)

41. "you sweat, gonna make" (easy)

42. "the flame, where the" (moderate)

43. "know it and I" (geek)

44. "that'll last.  I know" (geek)

45. "of wine and cheap" (easy)

46. "all around.  Two hours" (easy)

47. "a star.  Let me" (moderate)

48. "of five. My mother" (soopageek)

49. "the bone.  My home" (soopageek)

50. "fucking think. I can't" (soopageek)
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