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somebody stop me
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
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I'm gettin' kinda nuts with this Slint thing.  I'm now set up to possibly see them 4 times in the month of March.  First I bought tickets for one of the two shows in Chicago, one of them had sold out already.  Then my pal mybluenotepad bought a couple of tickets to one of the shows at Irving Plaza in NYC.  He's told me that, short of him meeting a hot Slint fangirl between now and then, it's mine.  I also purchased tickets to the show the following night at Irving Plaza AND tickets to the show the next night at the Roxy in Boston.

In other ticket purchasing news...  I have tickets to see Prairie Home Companion in Minneapolis next weekend when I visit both atthestarz and hockeyfag.  Two new lj-friends in one weekend!  I don't think I can hardly stand it.  atthestarz is supposed to take me to see a shoe tree and hockeyfag is supposed to take me for a ride in his airplane. 

The SoopaMusicGeek Meme only has about a day left until I kick it into round two.  So if you haven't had a chance, or if you already have but want to take another look at it, better get steppin'.  I'll likely do that Monday.

I just heard a's song in some commercial on TV... then one that goes "wooo hooo woo hoo hoo!"  Strange.

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yeah it should be fun, i'm really looking forward to it...

don't you have kinfolk in the twin cities? i'm surprised its something you've never done given your love for NPR...

I love that "woo hoo hooos" song, hehe. I sing along every time the commercial comes on. Fuji sez, "What, do you know that song?" and I'm all, "yeah they play it on WRFL a lot -- and now on the TV :)"
it's catchy, eh?

yeah it is catchy, but i'm still always slightly taken aback when i here indie/punk rock songs in TV commercials...

Subaru has done it to me twice... first with a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion song and most recently with a Modest Mouse song...

while I was sitting in front of the TV last night IM'ing with my Minneapolis posse, that commercial played at least 6 or 7 times... i bet that the's are gettin' RICH...

How hard were the PHC tix to get?

not hard at all... i went to ticketmaster.com and it was a done deal :)

Good to hear...I need to make the trip up to Minne and see the show sometime. Have an excellent trip up there this weekend!

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