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(no subject)
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: back at Common Grounds

I'm back on the comfy leather couch with another small update.  I forgot to mention this other really cool gadget at Circuit City that I'm totally going to hafta get.  Kensington makes a keychain that sniffs out Wifi hot spots.  This would be cool for finding them without having to boot up the laptop just to find out.  As much as I hot spot, it would be an awesome thing to have.

I've noticed that I have begun using the words "totally" and "awesome" with reckless, gratuitous abandon.  I never used them in 1982 when it was fashionable to do so... I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.

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gnarly, gag me with a spoon!

how late are you going to be down there?

alas, i was gone by the time you wrote that :(

(Deleted comment)
of course i read your journal... i read everyone's journal when time permits :)

you don't really need a hotspot finder as long as you have access to a DC/AC transformer so you can run mr. lappy off the truck batts (and i have to assume you do). all you need is this. much better! it'll not only tell you where the wifi is, it will give you signal strength indications and also tell you whether the network is locked down or not. turn the speakers up and it will tell you much of this information without you even having to look at it while you're driving. you can even hook it up to a GPS unit and have it log exact locations, if you're that 21st-century (i'm not).

i drove down my usual out-of-the-way 20min route to school with netstumbler running the whole way and the thing was going off about every 15 seconds. i found at least ten different places where i could just stop in and hop right on if i so desired. funny how few people know to secure their freakin' wireless routers.

Well, the niftiness of the keychain was finding the hot spot without having to boot up the laptop. I mean, if the laptop is on, the wireless network thingie tells me what networks are available and whether or not they are secure or open.

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