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SHE started this
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
atthestarz says: gosh, it's late. I was going to get to sleep earlier tonight.
atthestarz says: oops
soopageek says: yeah that had been my plan too
soopageek says: you seem to have the ability to keep me up late 
atthestarz says:um
atthestarz says: mind. gutter. now.
soopageek says: i'm getting this feeling i won't get much sleep this weekend
atthestarz says: yay!
atthestarz says: sleepover party!
atthestarz says: are you 34?
soopageek says: yeah... 35 in three weeks
atthestarz says: a sleepover party with a 34/5 year old and a 25 year old.
atthestarz says: THAT sounds innocent!!!
soopageek says: you better not keep me up past my bedtime young lady
atthestarz says: that sounds like a challenge
soopageek says: i AM a challenge... 
atthestarz says: haha....we might have to do things differently than most coed sleepovers. I can't imagine how thrilling it would be to play spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven with just the two of us.
atthestarz says: maybe you can let me do your hair?
atthestarz says: or paint your nails?
soopageek says: what hair?
atthestarz says: I'll draw some?
soopageek says: hahaha
soopageek says: and for that matter, what nails?
atthestarz says: papier mache?
soopageek says: maybe we should cross dress
atthestarz says: sweet
atthestarz says: what do I get to wear?
soopageek says: a jacket and tie... colored socks and slacks... loafers
atthestarz says: you're really gonna make me look like a dude?
soopageek says: hrm... or maybe blue jeans and a flannel shirt with a baseball cap and work boots
atthestarz says: omg you want to make me into a lesbian
soopageek says: making you into a lesbian would be the FURTHEST thing from my mind
soopageek says: that would kinda be counter-productive

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(Deleted comment)
I'm beginning to think so.. I've known him for awhile, but he comes here once there's a female involved ;)

you're just jealous ;-)

actually, it's a combination of factors... as atthestarz can probably vouch, when i decided to plan a trip to minneapolis rather than continuing to leave it up to fate one of the first things out of my mouth (fingers?) was "...and i got another livejournal friend in minneapolis, too i've been promising to visit forever."

maybe the moral of the story is that for one person i'll wait around and see if i get a trip through somewhere by chance, but for two people i'll make it a visit :)

(Deleted comment)
trust me, you two are "special" enough...

"short bus" special or special?

definitely short bus special

w00t. I already have acouple of helmets we could wear :D

I know.. I'm giving you grief at this point ;)

(Deleted comment)
mmmm... massage.

i'm sorry, what were you saying?

why else would anyone visit minneapolis in January for fuck's sake? ;-)

i'll be perfectly content with good company and conversation... a booty call would just be gravy

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