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SoopaMusicGeek Meme, Vol 2, Round 2

janietrain flexed the muscle of her 1980's pop music mind in Round One.  Quite frankly, Janie, your mind scares me a little.  There are still lots of unanswered lyrics for Round Two, so have a blast.  Current lyrics have been moved to the top and the answers to the last round are at the bottom.  If you like, you may now also return to the last round's entry and see all of the comments, as they have been unscreened.

janietrain = 33
ruxxell = 10
Boz = 6
clockwork_pixie = 4
kristinkay = 2
tpbrcombo = 2
huskerdude1 = 1
yourtourniquet = 1

Remember: you get more points for including the Artist AND Song title.  And googling = cheating.  Go!

Round Two

1. "and I try.  I can't get" (geek)

3.  "on my back.  I play for" (moderate)

5.  "ever did see.  Really love your" (easy)

7.  "from your back, it's a death" (moderate)

8.  "it hit me, somebody turned around" (easy)

9.  "before my eyes. Seems like a" (moderate)

13.  "sometimes until four.  It's hard to" (easy)

14. "up my back leave me filled" (geek)

15. "makes you small. ButAnd the ones" (moderate)

16. "let me be. Don't come hangin'" (moderate)

17. "lookin' for love. They come runnin" (moderate)

18. "music, the moment.  You only get" (moderate)

19. "cold, cold city. He had a" (easy)

21. "the world's asleep, the questions run" (easy)

23. "name of love before you break" (moderate)

27. "handkercheif is soaked with her tears because" (moderate)

28. "lean and mean, big and bad" (easy)

29. "same old strip. I gotta find" (easy)

33. "divides the day. Tryied to run" (moderate)

38. "an hour, girl, is the speed" (moderate)

40. "about the woman or the girl you" (moderate)

44. "love that'll last. I know what" (geek)

46. "me all around. Two hours later" (easy)

47. "being a star.  Let me tell" (moderate)

48. "age of five. My mother said" (soopageek)

49. "to the bone.  My home is" (soopageek)

50. "can fucking think. I can't keep" (soopageek)

Round One

2.   "a rhyme, to rock" (geek)
Run DMC - "It's Tricky" (clockwork_pixie, ruxxell, janietrain)

4.   "of fun. Open up" (moderate)
Dead Or Alive - "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" (janietrain)

6.   "than today.  I never"  (moderate)
The Beatles - "Help!" (janietrain)

10. "still beating. Come and" (easy)
The White Stripes - "Fell In Love With A Girl" (janietrain)

11. "me know.  Should I" (easy)
The Clash - "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" (tpbrcombo, janietrain)

12.  "that man?  I'd like" (easy)
The Viscounts - "Who Put The Bomp?" (ruxxell, janietrain)

20. "a child.  We'll name" (easy)
The Dead Milkmen - "Punk Rock Girl" (ruxxell, janietrain)

22. "beyond fake.  I want" (easy)
Hole - "Doll Parts" (janietrain)

24. "the light. Take me" (easy)
Eddie Money - "Take Me Home Tonight" (janietrain)

25. "bit older. I just" (moderate)
The Outfield - "Your Love" (janietrain)

26. "on me wherever you" (moderate)
Madonna - "Lucky Star"(janietrain)

30. "attention to the distance" (moderate)
Lisa Loeb - "Stay" (janietrain)

31. "on me where ever" (easy)
Edited to Add: Duplicate of #26, thanks janietrain.

32. "was dry.  Them good" (easy)
Don McLean - "American Pie" (Boz, ruxxell, yourtourniquet)

34. "at night, just trying" (geek)
Guns N Roses - "Patience" (kristinkay)

35. "the fields I fight" (easy)
The Who - "Baba O'Riley" (Boz)

36. "for broke. Watch the" (easy)
Def Leppard - "Rock Of Ages" (janietrain)

37. "after he took everything" (moderate)
Bob Dylan - "How Does It Feel?" (ruxxell)

39. "my heart?  You better" (moderate)
Loverboy - "Working For The Weekend" (Boz, janietrain)

41. "you sweat, gonna make" (easy)
Led Zeppelin - "Black Dog" (Boz, huskerdude1)

42. "the flame, where the" (moderate)
U2 - "Where The Streets Have No Name" (janietrain)

43. "know it and I" (geek)
R.E.M. - "It's The End Of The World As We Know It"(janietrain)

45. "of wine and cheap" (easy)
Journey - "Don't Stop Believin'" (clockwork_pixie, krstinkay, ruxxell, janietrain)

Edit To Add: The comments are screened again, but I have to share this bit of love from huskerdude1:

"I'll figure out more later. I'll be fucked if I end up under tpbrcombo again."


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