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Last night while catching up on some journal reading, I found where mandy_moon had made a recent entry with regard to the Nevada shoe tree, pimping out my awesome pictures and relating her own attempt to start a similar phenomenon in Boston.  In a vulgar display of narcissism, I decided to see if she had made my entry a "memory".  Indeed she had and had placed it in a cateogry listed as "Found Objects".  Upon further inspection, I discovered the found_objects community, from where she had culled her other memories in that cateogry.

I had no idea this community existed, so I went and checked it out.  Wow.  A community of over 4,000 members with as many as 10-20 posts in it per day.  I decided in my devious, self-absored heart that this was not an opportunity that could be passed upon so I immediately joined the community and formulated an entry comprised of the pictures of the Nevada shoe tree and put it with the lengthy, hoity-toity exposition I had written for my initial documentation of the Oregon shoe tree.

The response was rabid.  In less the 24 hours it has already generated 80 comments, mostly positive.  There were a few tree-huggers who bally-hooed and a few comments concerning the pretention of the analysis, but overall people seemed to enjoy and appreciate it.

I feel so loved. 

It also seems to be a really neat community. If you enjoy seeing pictures of odd things, I highly recommend it.  Unfortunately I doubt I will have the time to devote to keeping up with it on a regular basis, but I will try.

And I will definitely be posting more pictures for the community in the future.

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