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real men
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
This gem courtsey of lossfound:

Shuffle mode is strictly for tools and poseurs. Real men listen to albums.

I'm fond of "real men" quotes. The quotes of others as well as my own.  There's even an album by John S. Hall & Kramer called "Real Men", the title track to which is hilarious - an afternoon-long contest betwixt buddies trying to prove who is the real man:

Let's race to prove who's the real man, Steve suggested
But since neither of them could make it around the block without puking, they decided to try something else...


Bill Hicks once said:

Real men don't dance.  They sit, sweat, and curse.

Of course, I'm fond of saying:

Real men don't use spellchckers.

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hear hear! i never use a spellchecker either. and that's because i have a 12-inch penis.

i am fond of "blank walks into a bar and the bartender says" jokes.

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