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(no subject)
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
This looked like a fun one....

Take the first sentence from each month of your 2004 journal and post it here.

January (6th)
Now with the holidays over and my working schedule getting on a more even keel, maybe I can keep updated more often.  (Ha!)

February (1st)
Last night I met up with Robin and Kristine for a late evening of pool at Maxwell's.

March (1st)
Do you dare play?

April (4th)
I got janietrain back home safe and sound on Friday night.

May (3rd)
I have been diligently plowing through my music collection on that re-burn project.

June (5th)
It's been a busy week and half for me and I haven't had much time to fool with LJ as of late.

July (4th)
Yup, you read it right.

August (1st)
I have had a horrible day thus far.

September (7th)
So far, this is turning into the trip from hell.

October (22nd!)

November (1st)
Rocky Horror Picture Show was fun, but I've been to better.

December (2nd)
My pal Robin is pregnant.

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I have discovered that Stacker 3, or Yellow Jacket (or any of the other legal stimulants) were great when I was waiting tables or bartending... but they are not great when you are stuck behind a desk.

The world is a magical place, though I'm not sure what particular school of magic in which it belongs... Methinks somewhere between Fecalmancy and Illusionism.

Well, the old place is filled with boxes.

Getting mugged is a terrible thing.

Things I would like to experience for the first time again, My first drink of a soda. I wonder how surprised I was by the bubbles and overwhelming sweetness or the acidic bite in the back of my throat.

To Whom it may concern, I thank you for pushing me into the uncharted seas

Gosh, I went to the "Big Bang Boom" for the fourth of July. The place was swarming with snot-nosed brats and 350 lb. women wearing clothes that were, not only dated, but too small.

Curiosa was something else.

Somehow, I know that there is inspiration floating beneath the surface, untapped and primal.

I can't write.

What do you want to know?

we;'kr wepoiutr rp;jr w[0ii0te d;ljpewut wepjrpweo wpewpj wpejotpewot eotpowetj perojtpew -94utewpo wepojewp wepojt-0wumm[ws.

Now see, due to the nature of the type of journal you keep, you're first sentences are interesting....

Maybe I should make it a new year's resolution to at least open every journal entry with an intersting sentence. ;-)

that's all that interesting in mine! (-;

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